Love hurts

Ellie is a girl who has no idea of one direction because of her abusive father who locks her in a tiny room with no windows and no bed with the door closed all the time. Will she escape? Or will she die?


6. Love is the key

Ellie's POV. 

I turn around and see........"mum!" I scream and hug her "hello sweetie" mother says "are you staying?" I ask "yes I am. Forever" mother says. I smile "I will never leave you mum. Never!" I say hugging her again "BOYS!! I WANT YOU TO MEET SOMEONE!" In a flash all the boys were in my room "CAREFUL OF FROST NIALL!" I say as he was about to sit on her "sorry" Niall says standing up and picking frost up and sitting down with her on his lap "guys this is-" "mum!" Niall says "Niall is that you baby?" My mother says "yes mum" Niall says starting to cry "I HAVE A BROTHER!?!" I scream "yes" mother says hugging Niall "sweet" I say joining the hug "and soon ill have a son in law eh?" Mother says nudging me and smirking "MOTHER!!" I say smiling "maybe" I whisper winking "I can hear you!" Harry sas putting an arm around my waist "oops" I say "ha Ellie Styles, I like that" harry says kissing me "okay everyone but Niall and harry. Bye bye" I say shooing them off "OMG I want to know everything boys" mother says sitting on the bed I put there for her "okay so..." Harry starts to talk about how we met and his life then Niall told mother that he loved his own sister bla bla bla. "Mother, what happened o you when I was running?" I ask patting the sleeping cat in my lap "well I kinda went to jail for about a year and a half for killing your father. Sorry Niall but he wanted revenge on you soo he tried tracking you down and killing you." Mother says as her eyes go glassy "mother don't cry please!" I say trying to hug her but the cat hisses "nevermind about the hug" I say laughing and petting Frost "what's her name?" Mother asks "Frost" I say pointing to harry "he bought her" I say imagining lipstick on his lips and red lips appear "HAHA!" Niall rolls off the bed laughing while mum bites her lip holding it in but burst "what?" Harry asks "nothing!" We all say laughing. Then I imagine his hair straight and eye shadow and every other make up item on. It happens. "TELL ME!!" Harry yells as we start to crack up "y-you l-look very p-pretty!" Niall says laughing even harder "what's-haha harry!" Louis says coming in and falling to the floor "why did you do ELLIE!!" Harry yells looking in the mirror. I imagine him in a red dress with coconuts as boobs. "You look gorgeous!" I say in between laughs "SIMON!!" Harry screams and storms out "high five!" Niall and mother say. I high five them and stop as soon as harry comes back in "TAKE IT OFF AND PUT MY HAIR BACK!!" He says "yes my lady" I say making it back the way he was. 'Your welcome!' I thought 'thanks Ellie. I love you. You know that?' Harry says through mind telepathy 'yeah' I say smirking at his answer to my yeah. "ill get you a blood bag sweet pea" mother says "ew okay" I say shivering at blood "trust me its good. Just don't go on a frenzy" harry says kissing me "here ya go El" my mother says. 

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