Love hurts

Ellie is a girl who has no idea of one direction because of her abusive father who locks her in a tiny room with no windows and no bed with the door closed all the time. Will she escape? Or will she die?


2. Daddy stop

Ellie's POV 


i don't make a noise, I don't make a squeak, as my father leaves me in pain on the dirty floor of my bloody room. I sit up and sigh knowing that I will never escape the torturous ways of my fathers body. I hear a crash upstairs. 'Must be another glass on my mothers head' I thought. I was wrong. My mother comes running in "sweetie run away and never come back I will miss you a lot and I know you are 8 but run keep running and never stop until you find your uncle Simon" my mother says pushing me to the door "bye sweetie I love you!" She says as I start to run. I ran and ran until I find a comfortable bench in the middle of the park Uncle Simon took me to. 

~end flashback~


every night is the same. The same dream. The same clothes I wore since I was 8. I am now 18. Wearing my mums pants and cut top. I am filthy and I stink. I have been running for almost 10 years looking for my uncle Simon. 124 Richrock drive is where he lives. In London. 49 hours away from Yas, a little town with a population of 23 people. Anyway back to the story. 


I was walking as per normal. I was in London. I look at every street sign looking for that peculiar street. Anyway, I was walking until I came to a corner. I look up and see......Richrock drive. I gasp and run down the street until I find the three numbers I've been looking for. 124. I walk up the steps to the big grey house and knock. Anxiously waiting a man opens the door and I recognize him "uncle Simon?" I ask feeling nauseous "Ellie?" He asks "yes my name is Ellie" I say about to collapse "how long have you been running for?" Simon asks helping me stand "I've been running for 10 years" I say as he leads me inside and into a small living area "oh we're you looking for me?" He asks "yes and I have had little food and water throughout the years" I say "oh dear child I will be back" Simon says leaving me in the room by myself "AHH!" A young man screams "WHO THE FLACK ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU INSIDE?" He screams again but I ignore him "ANSWER-" he was cut off "LOUIS! This is my niece." Simon says coming in and giving me a bowl full of soup. I start eating it and ignore everyone around me "ELLIE!" Simon screams "ugh sorry yes?" I say politely "good now that I have your attention, can you sing?" Simon asks sitting next to me "oh the girl has a voice" this 'Louis' guy says crossing his arms over his chest and walking out "who's that? An I don't know if I can sing" I ask and lie knowing I can sing as I have sung infront of shopping centers and random people earning money for my performance that I do "that was Louis he's in a band called .....don't freak  out direction" Simon says covering his ears waiting for me to react "who are they?" I ask politly again "wait you've never heard of one direction?" Simon gasps "no should I?" I say sipping the last of my soup "why yes. BOYS DOWN HERE NOW!!" Simon says "oh no I need a shower right now a warm and relaxing shower" I say standing up and was about to walk out when 5 muscular boys walk in "boys this is Ellie my niece, Ellie this is one direction but their names are Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, And Liam" Simon says pointing to them "okay great that's great, but may I please have a shower now?" I ask politely "of course, umm would one of you please show her where it is?" Simon says taking my bowl and walking off "lets go" Liam says taking my hand "thanks?" I say "no problem and here we are I will get you a towel and some of Danielle's clothes" Liam says jogging to a room with his name on it and coming out with clothes and a towel "thanks" I smile and go into the bathroom "ugh" I say relaxed. I strip and turn the shower on and hop in. It is quite relaxing so I stood there for about ten minutes and turned it off and got out   And got dressed. When I got out all the boys were there with their mouths open "what?" I ask "your singing its-it's-it's.....beautiful" Niall says "thanks" I say blushing "oh yeah your room is next to Harry's and we already set it up for you" they all said in unison "okay thanks" I say stepping out "ugh where is it?" I ask stupidly "take the first left down the hall and your name will be on the door" Simon says "thanks uncle si" I say walking off and hearing mumbles like "she's hot" or "she's fit" from harry. I giggle and see my name with flowers and butterfly's around it on the door "aww" I say walking into my room with pictures of me and my mum together or separate. I start to cry as I see my mothers necklace she gave me when I was born but gave it to Simon when my father started to abuse us "oh sweetie it will be better living with us then with my brother" Simon says hugging me from behind "I know it will be, that's why I won't cry about them anymore, this is going to be a fresh start for me"  

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