Love hurts

Ellie is a girl who has no idea of one direction because of her abusive father who locks her in a tiny room with no windows and no bed with the door closed all the time. Will she escape? Or will she die?



Ellie's POV 

i fall asleep in Harry's arms and I feel him leave. Thank god. But then I feel someone get in bed with me again. I open my eyes to see harry "why did you come back in my bed?" I ask shuffling a bit uncomfortable "I was getting changed" he says "oh" I say falling back asleep again. 

~in the morning~ 

oh shit. It's my birthday. I hope Simon didnt remember. I get out of bed and prey to god that he didnt remember "morning Ellie" Simon says making pancakes "hi" I say "I didn't forget about your birthday Ellie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" Simon says screaming it so the boys know "oh no" I say mentally slapping my face as I hear lots of stumbling upstairs "thanks uncle si" I say grunting and walking into the lounge room "shh 1....2...3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" All the boys say with their hands behind their backs "thanks but I don't want to be 19" I say smirking "that's" harry says giving me a big box with holes in it "thanks haz" I say opening it to find a very small kitten "aww OMG she's so cute!!" I say taking her out of the box. I kiss harry on the cheek "Frost" I say "what?" All the boys say confused "I'm calling her frost. She looks like a snowflake!" I say sitting her on my lap "here ya go 19 year old!" Louis says giving me another box "really you all got me presents?" I ask opening the box to an iPhone 4S "it's got all of our numbers in it" zayn says "thanks Lou" I say kissing him on the cheek as well. Niall gives me his present. I open it to see...skinny jeans and a tank top that says 'Keep Dreaming' "thanks Niall ill wear it today" I say kissing him as well making him blush. Zayn and Liam give me their present at the same time and argue about who was first out of both of them. So I took both. I opened them both to see a necklace that said 'My Little Angel" with a halo above it. I kissed zayn on the cheek as well and looked at Liam's. AWW it was a photo of me when I was a baby "I'm guessing Simon gave this to you?" I ask looking at it "yeah sorry" he said "no no it's fine thanks Liam" I kiss him on the fore head and walk upstairs carry everything in a box in one hand and Frost in the other "NIALL CAN YOU OPEN MY DOOR PLEASE!!" I yell. In a flash he's opened my door and gone "THANKS!!" I scream laughing at the addicted food creep. I walk in and keep frost in my arms and put the box down "okay ill put you on my bed alright" I say putting her on my fluffy pillow and hearing her purr and sleep. I get changed into the clothes Niall face me and put my hair into a high ponytail. I wear the necklace zayn gave me and played went through my phone and my contacts. Zayn. Niall. Harry. Liam. Louis and Simon. I go into music and play a song called Little things boy the boys. They were REALLY good. Frost crawled onto my stomach and layed down. I stopped listening to it and put frost back on the pillow to get up and check out the locket mum gave me. I opened it and there was a note. I read it:

Dear Ellie,

If you are reading this right now. I killed your father. I hope your enjoying your time at Simons place. And happy Birthday for 5 of September sweetie. I got u a little something for that. Ask Simon for it. Anyway bye sweetie. 

Love Mummy. 


I started to cry "SIMON!!" I scream "yes sweetie?" Simon says rubbing my back "where's the present mother got for me?" I ask turning around to face him "let me go get it" Simon says. I lay back down on my bed and pat Frost "here you go" Simon says "thanks uncle si" I say "no problem honey" Simon says kissing my fore head and leaving. There was another note from mother:

Turn Around.

was what it said. I stood up and turned around to see......


A/N sorry it was a short chapter.

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