End of an Era

A brief history of an ancient people, written from the perspective of an outsider who is present during their final hours.....

This is a fantasy/fan-fiction based off of a piece of concept art created for the game "Shroud of the Avatar" which is being created by Richard Garriot. The concept art itself was created by Stephen Daniele, and is linked below.....



3. Decline

After the Theresians conquered the land, they reverted to their peaceful ways, once again becoming master architects and using the knowledge and power they had gained over the years to create wondrous cities throughout the land. To visit any city of Theresian make would leave anyone awed at the sheer beauty of the architecture. Slowly however, the culture began to stagnate.

            Over the next few millennia, the people became unmotivated. They felt no need to expand further upon their cities, because the population growth had died down to its lowest levels since the ancient times. The lands had all been conquered, both the cultures, and the environments. The Theresian people no longer strove to do the impossible, because they no longer felt like anything was beyond their capabilities.

            It was then that the plague began to spread throughout the land. No one knows where it came from, or what it is exactly. There is no cure for it, either magical or herbal. It swept through the land at a rate that made it impossible to contain, and it only seems to affect Theresians. It is always lethal, yet the death it causes is not painful. It begins one day simply by causing one to feel tired, then, usually a week later, the victim simply does not wake up.

            The last city to fall victim to this disease is Praemak. Perhaps it is Theresia’s will that the city where her people’s majesty began is also where it shall end. Still, the people do not despair, for they know that just as a volcano destroys the old, it also creates new.

            As I write these final lines, I can feel the earth shaking beneath my feet. It seems that Theresia wishes for her people to go out with a bang so to speak. Looking out the window over this city, I am a little sad to see it go. Without the magics of the people to protect the cities, I suspect that in a few centuries time, nature will reclaim them.

            To whomever it is that reads this; know that it is the last legacy of the Theresians. They were not perfect, but know that they were a proud and noble people. And remember,

            “Strive to do the impossible.”

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