Paris Nights London Mornings

When Marie and her two best friends Dakota and Sylvia just move to Paris together and go explore the city, What happens when they run into 5 strangers


5. Shooting Stars

A/N Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in ages I really have no excuse. I'm gonna dye my hair either red or purple and I need help on choosing what color I should dye my hair. I have green eyes an my skin color is normally like Perrie's but I got a tan today so now it's like Eleanor's. can you guys please comment what color I should dye my hair? Goodbye my Pringles or you can be a Single Pringles like me. SINGLE PRINGLES UNITE!!! Haha sorry for the all caps.~Eris

      Sylvia's POV

The elevator ride seemed to take forever. But all the boys mad Marie and I laugh like psycopathic maniacs. For the next half of the ride Marie and Niall her talking. I can tell they like eachother because of the way they look at eachother and the way Marie bites her lip. She only does that when she likes someone. Hopefully if they start dating Niall won't turn into Jac.

Oh how I hate Jac! He I the most revolting human being to ever walk this earth! He used to abuse Marie for the most stupid reasons or for no reason at all! He would even beat her if she him out with me, Dakota or her family. Don't get me wrong se really wanted to break up with him but I remember the promise he made one day when we still lived in Arizona.


I quietly shut the door to the house Marie, Dakota and I shared because I just got home from work and it was already  one in the morning. So I thought they were sleeping.

I walked into the living room and turned on the TV after deciding that I wasn't tired. I was flipping through the channels when I saw my favorite movie of all time on I squealed quietly and put on the movie. A few minutes after the police officers took the drug in 21 Jump Street I heard yelling come from the kitchen.

'What the hell Marie!' I hear her boyfriend Jac yell. 

'What Jac?' Marie said calmly.

'Whay do you want to break up with me?! I already told you what will happen if you break up with me!'

'I want to break up with you because you hurt me. Your so oblivious not knowing why I want to break up with you!'

'You are not breaking up with me you bitch! I already told you that I you ever try to break up with me or tried to hurt me I will kill everyone and everything you care about!' He shouted.

The next thing I knew I heard glass shattering in the kitchen. Dakota rushed out of his room and ran into the kitchen with me close behind.

'What the hell!' Dakota protested while jumping on Jac.

I went over to a now bloody and crying Marie. I embraced her trying to comfort her in the corner of the kitchen while Dakota and Jac were beating the shit out of each other. Eventually the kitchen was drowning in blood.

While Dakota was turned around trying to catch his breath, Jac took this opportunity to go through twitch his promise. He rummaged around our cabnets and snatched a knife. Once I realized what Jac was going to do I snuck up behind Jac and kicked him in the balls while wearing heels.

'SCORE!' I thought to my self.

Jac forgot about the knife in his hands as his hands flew down to his crotch and ended up neutering himself.

Dakota turned around when Jac screamed and I look at him with a devious look on my face. His eyes shot up to me and look at me in surprise and we burst out laughing. Dakota then called the cops. When he was done talking to them he went over to Marie and I trying to comfort her also. Since we were practically brother and sister to her we were the only people in the world who could comfort her.

*10 minutes Later*

The cops barged into our house and asked where Jac was.

'he is in the kitchen.' We all said in unison.

They returned a few seconds later with Jac in his position we put him in which was duct taped and super glued to a chair.

Thankfully that was the last time we have ever heard of Jac.

*End of Flashback*

'Beep.' The elevator chimed signaling it was time for us to get out.

    *Marie's POV*

We strolle over to the edge of the Eiffel Tower and I couldn't help but to look down at the city even though I am scared of heights.


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