Paris Nights London Mornings

When Marie and her two best friends Dakota and Sylvia just move to Paris together and go explore the city, What happens when they run into 5 strangers


6. Shooting Stars Continued

Hey my Pringles sorry about the ending of the last chapter the website was being stupid an would only let me write so much. So I'm gonna start at the beginning of Marie's POV~ Eris

   *Marie's POV*

We strolled over to the edge of the Eiffel Tower and I couldn't help but to look down at the city even though I'm scared of heights.

Niall sensed that I was scared so he held me tight reassuring me that I wouldn't fall. Oh how I love this boy. Wait, WHAT?! Did I just say I love him?! Stop it Marie you just met him almost two hours ago!

As I looked into the star-lit sky I saw stars shooting across the sky. Shooting stars. I haven't seen these in ages! Shooting stars mean one thing and one thing only-WISHES BITCHES!!!

'Look shooting stars !' I exclaimed 

I close my eyes makings wish. Wishin one day I will be Niall's princess.

I wonder what Niall wished for.

*Nialls POV* 

I closed my eyes and wished with all my heart that one day I will call Marie mine.

I wonder what she wished for.

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