Paris Nights London Mornings

When Marie and her two best friends Dakota and Sylvia just move to Paris together and go explore the city, What happens when they run into 5 strangers


1. Night Out

I jumped on the couch and sighed in relief that my friends Dakota,Syvlvia and  I had just finished unpacking. I liked Paris a lot so far. A LOT better than the small town I used to live in which was Sahuarita, Arizona. I turned on the T.V. And put on Friends. Just when the commercials were over I felt two people jump on my stomach and my legs I look at my legs and see two people casually sitting on me. 'Dallan Dakota Graybill get off my legs! Ana Sylvia Quintana get off my stomach!' I shouted at them.  They immediately jumped off. 'Whatcha guys be wantin?' I asked. 'We wanted to know if you wanted to go and explore Paris with us.' Dakota said. 'Sure just let me and Sylvia get ready. We will need two hours 'cuz you know how long we take. And you don't take that long because your a boy and don't need to put on make up and shit.' I say to Dakota.

                                     * 2 Hours later*

Me and Sylvia look in the mirror, content with our looks. I was wearing a casual black dress that was puffy at the bottom with black Vans with floral print on them. While I had a smoky eye making my hazel eyes stand out and my normally straight hair was curled into perfect ringlets cascading down my back. Sylvia was wearing a oversized cream colored sweater and black skinny jeans with black UGGS. Her normally straight hair went down to her shoulders as her natural eye shadow made her black iris' pop. We raced down the spiral staircase, grabbed Dakota's hand and ran to the car.

                                   * 20 minutes later*

All three of us jumped out of the car and ran towards the field in front of the Eiffel Tower. In pictures the Eiffel Tower was beautiful, but in real life it was breath-taking. 'Lego!' I said running without looking in front of me. The next thing I know I'm on the ground. I look up to see who I bumped into. When I looked up I saw a boy looking down at me with his amazing ocean blue eyes.

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