Paris Nights London Mornings

When Marie and her two best friends Dakota and Sylvia just move to Paris together and go explore the city, What happens when they run into 5 strangers


3. Food!?

          Marie's POV

The resturaunt we went to was fancy and served real French cuisine. Since we are in Paris we decided to get escargo,caviar, or cow brains. We waited 45 minutes but during those 45 minutes we got to know eachother better. Like Zayn loves his hair, Harry loves cats, Louis wants to be a zebra, Liam hates spoons and Niall loves food. But most of all invade you didn't know they are in the band One Direction. But once we saw our food being carried to our table we all cheered.

'Food!?' Niall shouted. I wondered why he said it more like a question, but once they waiters put our food down on the table I knew why he said food like that. 'The food just looks NASTY!' Dakota and Sylvia said in unison which made all of us burst out laughing.

All of us tried a little bit of everything we got. There are NO words to describe how bad it tasted. I looked over at Niall and saw him wolfing down the food, even after he said it was horrid! ' Why are you still eating the food then?!' All of us said at once. 'I like food and I'm hungry that's why I'm still eating!' We all burst out into laughter. Niall is just the cutest guy ever!

Once we spent a few minutes persuading Niall to stop eating we decided to go to the Eiffel Tower 


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