Paris Nights London Mornings

When Marie and her two best friends Dakota and Sylvia just move to Paris together and go explore the city, What happens when they run into 5 strangers


7. Co-Author Contest/ Authors note

 OMG guys I'm so sorry I haven't updated in almost 2 months! But since then I got majors writers block and have been having some personal problems. But enough about me! So I'm having a co-author contest! Since I have major writers block i thought it would be nice to have someone help me😄. So comment below if you would like to make this MOVELLA a lot better cuz I know right now it's kinda sucky. Tell me your interests in movellas, your instagram so i can InstaMessage you ( If I choose you) (I choose you Pikachu) and how often you can update. I will choose someone after the contest has ended which will be next Tuesday at 12:00pm Mountain Standard Time. And will announce the winner next Wednesday at 12:00pm again Mountain Standar Time. If I choose you I will InstaMessage you everything you need to know and so we can discuss ideas. GOOD LUCK!    Peace my jelly babies! ~Eris

P.S. My Instagram is _FoodIsMaHomie_      Yeah buddy well toodles!

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