It's Kind Of A Funny Story

Daisy Lemmings didn't steal the hearts of 2/5s of One Direction.
No.That was her best mate.
And Daisy lives by one essential rule; don't fuck around with Jade's love life.
Which she's been successfully abiding to for the past eighteen years.
Louis Tomlinson has other ideas.

A story of bad first dates, slutty best mates and a whole load of feminine wiles.


2. Chapter 2


    Jade!” I pounded my enclosed fist against the door to my best mate’s flat praying to God that she would answer. 9 am, and I was late. I was late for work, I was late getting up, and I was late going to bed last night. Thanks to Louis Tomlinson.


    Oh dear, that sounds wrong.


    Not like that.


    I meant as if he hadn’t been the one on that date I wouldn’t have been losing sleep over how pathetic my love life really was. Not that before Saturday night I’d thought differently. In fact then, I had straightforward thoughts. But, thanks to Louis Tomlinson, I was perfectly set on staying single for life. Seeing as though my luck with dating was like I’d run around smashing mirrors and skipping under ladders my entire life.


    “Jade!” I groaned, continuing my surely annoying, obnoxious knocking. Or, at least I was hoping that it was annoying and obnoxious, because maybe then would she open the damn door. “Jade!”


    “I’m coming, I’m coming.” Her airy, attractive voice called back. I heard a thump on the floor, and winced. I could just picture her, scrambling around to find clothes, ready herself for actually properly communicating with someone in a nonsexual way.


    I sighed, half in relief, half in fatigue over erratic Jade.


    However before I could even finish my sigh the door swung open revealing a messy haired, makeup smudged, and even still uncannily sexy Jade. The strap of her bright purple camisole was slipped over her shoulder, her green eyes were alight, and her shiny black hair was sticking in every direction.


    And there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that Jade had, ahem, someone else in her flat.


    “Daisy!” She grinned widely, showing off her pearly teeth. “What’s up, love?”


    What’s up, love?


    I choked, “Jade!” Was all I could managed before slapping at her exposed shoulder.


    “Ah!” She winced, “What’s that for?”


    “What’s that for?” I scoffed, crossing my arms over my chest hotly. “That, was for setting me with Louis Tomlinson two nights ago. That is what that was for you twat.”


    Jade gasped dramatically, obviously trying to hide back her famous grin. “Oh come on,  Dais...” She nudged me. I guess she’d stopped trying to fight back the grin seeing as it was now plastered over her pretty face. “It couldn’t have been that bad. Louis’ a babe. How’d it go?”


    “It didn’t.”


    Her eyebrows pulled together, confused. “It didn’t what?”


    I unfolded my crossed arms. “It didn’t go. I left. I wasn’t about to have go on with your ex boyfriend’s bestie. Let alone that ex boyfriend.”


    Jade’s pink lips popped into a perfect O shape. “What? Ugh, Daisy I set you up for a reason. You haven’t dated anyone in months! And I thought Louis would be a good fit, because you know he just got out of a relationship too. Are you really trying to repel all chances at a relationship?”


    I winced. Okay, that hurt.


    “No...Obviously, not. But it’s just kind of hard when the last one I was in, the guy cheated on me with some random slag.” I spat with more venom than I intended. Why did Jade bring that up anyways? She knew I hated talking about Collin.


    Jade’s teeth bit down on her lip and she looked down nervously. I guessed it was because she knew she shouldn’t have brought it to the conversation. “Right. Well, I still think you should give Louis a shot.”


    I frowned. “I don’t.”


    Her eyes met mine and her lips twitched at a smile. “Fine, you’re loss. But, I must let you know, you’re missing out. He’s talented in other things than singing.” She winked.


    I grimaced, “Wait, you didn’t shag him too did you?”


    Jade copied my grimace, “No. I’m not a slag-”




    She grinned, “I just hear things. That’s all.”


    I chuckled, “Alright.” I glanced down at my watch and remembered my initial purpose of being there. “Hey do have my pair of docks? My beige ones, with the really soft insides. I can’t find mine anywhere.” I took a step towards the inside of the flat trying to padder into the flat.


    Jade stepped defensively in my way of entering the flat. “Er, no.” She glanced behind her anxiously, “Um, actually listen Daisy. I should probably go. I’ve got, er company. Talk later?”


    “Who’s over?’ I asked curiously.


    She shook her head, “Later babe!” She kissed me swiftly on the cheek, before waving her her long fingers at me and shut the door.


    I blinked. What the hell was that? I shook it off quickly. I had other things I needed to do, like getting to work without being completely and utterly untimely.


    “Thank God.” I breathed when I made it out of Jade’s flat complex. A complex that we once both lived in when we first moved here a year and a bit ago. Though it didn’t take long before we both realized that living a part would be more realistic. Jade had, and soon enough after moving I had Collin.




    The slow, husky male voice interrupted my reminiscing as I exited the building, and my eyes shot up immediately at the attractive sound.


    Harry Styles?


    Standing near the front entrance to the complex was in fact Harry. Though he looked much different than the last time I’d seen him. Not that there were any major body dysmorphia or anything, but the paleness of skin, the swallow look of him and the sleepless look under his eyes gave it all away.


The Jade Effect.


Or so I liked to call it.     It happened to most male’s who got caught up in her entanglement and seemed to be, like Harry, left wanting, praying, begging for more.


Hence, Harry was standing looking slightly pathetic in front of her apartment building with his fists shoved into the pockets of his grey jumper and was just lightly resembling a homeless person.


Minus the whole, actual homelessness.


“Harry? Hey.” He’d very much, caught me by surprised, and I was practically stuck just standing there caught between confused and unbelievably uncomfortable.


He blinked. “Hi...” His eyes trailed up me then glanced back at the building. “Do you know, if, um Jade is, er around...?”


Oh you poor thing.


I fought back a wince. How uncomfortable. She was in fact around, yet from the last she’d spoke of Harry Styles she was just about as interested in seeing him anymore as she was with cabbage. In fact, I think she’d be more likely to differ towards the cabbage.


“Oh,” I swallowed, and glanced up at the apartment. “Er, well...” Good God, he looked like a sad puppy. “She’s actually at work right now.” I’d given to the lie. For Harry’s and for Jade’s sake. Jade wasn’t interested in him, and to be perfectly honest Harry shouldn’t be trying. It was, of many things, a lost cause, Whoever was in Jade’s flat was her new fixation, and not even a pretty curly haired boy bander was about to change that.


    Harry’s face fell with disappointment. Had he really been that hopeful? Did he think that even had he gotten a hold of her that he would be able to coax her into starting up whatever they had before?He was, if anything, gorgeous. Nearing six feet, pink lips, a dishevelled amount of glorious dark curls piled on his head, and those dimples...It was no doubt that he’d captured Jade’s-and millions of of girls’- fascination.


    I bit down on my lip, a feeling of remorse spread through me. Which was odd, usually I didn’t give a fuck about any of Jade’s exes. They were useless to me. Old baggage that wasn’t even mine.


    “Sorry.” I mumbled, awkwardly.


    Harry nodded, “S’okay.” He offered me a half smile, showing off his dimples.


    I stood there, watching his face for a moment before I snapped back to the desperate reality I was faced with. Late. Work. Boss.




    “I have to go.” I stammered, hoisting my bag higher on my shoulder. “I’ll see you later, Harry.” I muttered breezing past him. He didn’t answer me, not that he’d been paying much attention to me while we were even talking. His mind was no doubt somewhere along the lines of Jade. Not that I could blame him. From what I could remember she hadn’t been exactly compassionate while dumping him and his bandmate.


    I hurried down the street, pushing past the other foot traffic making their way down the busy, loud Lond street. Not that it was hard for me to weave my way in and out of the other bodies. I’d became accustom to it. I shoved my way past a view more people as I reached the tubes to get to work. And as I got onto the metro, I was just praying to God that luck would finally, for the first time in what seemed like forever be on my side.




    Luck, if anything, had not been my side. Actually it seemed as though it had been the opposite. Some dgreased up hipster boy had ended up having a drug overdose on the subway resulting in me being forty five minutes late for my job as a barista at a local coffee shop. Which lead to my terrifying, stumpy boss Edwin to have a practical melt down when his so called ‘head barista’ was not in fact on time that morning.


    Leaving me here, punished with overtime.


    The place dead. Deader than dead really. It had been a slow day in general and by four thirty there were only two people seated in the usually busy cafe. Truthfully, this wasn’t the line of work that at almost nineteen I wanted to be doing. Had you asked me a year ago where I thought I’d be it would probably be somewhere along the lines of getting a degree in literature of marrying Collin.


    As you can tell, neither of those things were really going my way.


    Not that I even desired that latter of the two even the slightest now.


    Cheating bitch...


    I leaned my elbows against the light wood counter top of the till, flipping through the same magazine that I’d been reading all day. It was the kind full of sex tips that with my lack of love life or even bedroom life I could only dream of doing. I had become so quickly engrossed with the Bob Dylan song playing on the radio, and the 25 tantalus ways to kiss a man’s naked body that I hadn’t even noticed when someone entered the shop. However, it was the tiny, gruff clear of a throat that  brought me back to earth.


    “Shit, sorry.” I gasped, shoving away the magazine, I could just feel the blood rushing to my easily stained, pale cheeks. “Hi, what can I get for y-are you stalking me?”


    The words were out my mouth before I could even register them. I was surprised that I didn’t clamp my hand over my mouth the moment they were out.


    Louis’ glossy blue eyes widened and he blinked. “No.” He sounded almost appalled. “I’m not stalking you, Daisy.”


    If I wasn’t blushing before  I was now.


    I felt the blood flow to my face, and I winced realizing what i had infact just said. “Sorry.” I muttered embarrassed.


    “You know this is a public cafe. I am more than welcome to be here. In fact, I do believe that you should be a lot more grateful at my presence seeing as I am your customer.” He was still talking. “And, I tend to tip generously.”


    Now it was my turn to be taken aback. “What?” I spluttered trying to register his fast, buoyant tone.


    Louis shifted slightly, “Er. Nevermind. I’m here for a coffee, and,” He rubbed the back of his neck looking sheepish. “to, er apologize for the other night.”


    Oh God...


    I pinched the bridge of my small nose. “I was trying to pretend that that didn’t happen, Louis.” I groaned, looking back up at him.


    A wave confusion washed over his pretty face, “What? It wasn’t that bad...” He cocked a grin.


    I had to fight back my own smile. Though it wasn’t hard to do after I remembered who he was. “It’s just, you know, the Jade thing.”


    Louis nodded slowly, “Right...Well anyways, I am sorry if I upset you the other night. What with calling you, erm, Dally and such.”


    I shrugged, “I’ve heard worse.”


    Louis beamed. “Really?” he raised his eyebrows.


    I bit down my bottom lip but I could tell the corners of my mouth were pulled upwards. It was hard tofight, Louis smile was unbelievably contagious. “Mhm.” I turned to slightly to collected Louis’ tea. Pouring it into a paper mug.


    I handed it to him. “Here.”


    He passed me the money. “ what?”


    “What?” I frowned.


    He took a sip of his tea, wincing from the heat. “What did you get called?” His eyes were flickering with pure amusement.


    I thought for a moment, and Louis bent his lips to take another sip though his eyes were still locked with mine. “Well...In high school they called me anal girl.”


    “What?” Louis spat his tea with shock, looking gobsmacked at what I just said.


    I squeezed my eyes shut realizing how easily misconstrued my words could’ve been. “Oh God...I meant like, I was really organized.”


    Relief spread over his face, and he let out a laugh, “Oh. That makes a lot more sense.”


    I snickered, “Yeah.”


    We stood there for a moment, just sort of studying the other in an odd way. Louis was different, I felt an odd ease around him. But as my eyes flickered to the clock, I knew I had to put an end to our light chat.


    “Well, I’ve got to start closing up.” I said quietly, meeting Louis’ intent gaze.


    He nodded, “Sure.” He plucked his tea off the counter, and turned to leave.


    I offered him a tiny wave, “I’ll see you around, Louis.”


    He paused, turning his head my direction one last time with his lips pulled into a brilliant smile, “Daisy.”




    “You most definitely will be seeing me around.” He promised winking before leaving me to stand alone in the cafe with one thing spinning around in my head.


    I never once in my life messed around with my best mate’s love life;


Louis Tomlinson, however, had other ideas. And he was not about to give up.




AN: Hello! Thanks for the feedback last chapter, I'd really love to hear more about what you guys think of the story. Please let me know, share your thoughts and don't be shy!!!! It motivates the writing like crazy! much love xoxo

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