Bad Romance

Hey im Blaire, This is my story of how i became Famous. Most people get famous by going on X factor or stuff like that, But me? was a WHOLE different story and it all started when i went to London with my best friend Clarissa lets just say our adventure was outstanding


4. Waking up to 1D


@ Blaires P.O.V @ i woke up  to a bunch of curls in my face " Wtf "i mumbled " Hey beautiful " i heareed a Husky voice " OMFG WHAT DID I DO!? " i heared come from the stairs i looked over to the boy i must have obviously had sex with " Shit " i yelled " What ? " he asked worried " Just come downstairs " i said and pulled on one of his boxers and shirt i ran downstairs and saw my friend Clarissa " You too? " i asked she nodded next the presence of 5 dudes " HARRY STYLES AND LOUIS TOMLISON WHAT DID YOU DO THESE TWO GIRLS?! " they both shrugged " This is AWCKWARD " i said " NO SHIT SHERLOCK " Clarissa spat " Dont Make me go Ghetto on your punk Ass Biatch! "i said in my sassy voice " Ok OK calm yo tits " she replied i looked at her and the rest of the boys we bursted out Laughing " Well that was entertaning " the boy with brown hair and blue eyes said " HOLY SHIT! YOUR ONE DIRECTION! " Clarissa spat noticing who they were " Uh am i supposed to know who that is? " i said causing a blonde moment " You dont know who we are " The most mature one said " NO CAUSE SHE A FUCKING RETARD " Clarissa spat glaring at me " BITCH AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW SHIT? CAUSE LAST TIME I CHECK I AINT FUCKING GOOGLE! " i spat  " WELL IT SEEMS YOU GUYS LIKE TO EXCHANGE COLORFUL LANGUAGE "Harry said " Yea but its nothing " clarissa said shrugging " Well Im Liam Thats Zayn, Niall ,Harry and Louis " Liam replied to my first question " Well Im Blaire and shes Clarissa " " What nice names " Liam said i looked at the time " Oh mother of shit " i mumbeld " What " i have to go like right now " i said running upstairs and putting on my clothes. The door was misteriously opened reaveling Harry still in boxers " Can i see u later? " he said lust feeling his eyes " Sure calm me later " i said pecking his lips and walking out i dont know wether were dating but i hope so!!

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