Bad Romance

Hey im Blaire, This is my story of how i became Famous. Most people get famous by going on X factor or stuff like that, But me? was a WHOLE different story and it all started when i went to London with my best friend Clarissa lets just say our adventure was outstanding


3. Streets of london


@ Blaires P.O.V @

The plane had landed and we were finally in London we got our bags and called out a taxi, The taxi dude put on the radio and the song " Rock me By One direction " Blasted threw the speakers i looked over clarissa she looked like she was gonna explode or something " Do you know who these one direction people are? " i asked her  then she bursted out in words it was like some volcano of words " What do you mean ytou dont know who ONE DIRECTION! Are!! Dont you that shirt i got you from fresh tops you know the one with daddy direction and all of that well those people are from one direction ! ugh you know nothing!! " " CALMM YOU MOFO TITS BRO! IM NOT GOOGLE WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING MK!? " i looked at her and bursted out laughing we were so weird " There you go ladies " the cab driver said clarissa payed and we were standing infront of our new Flat " It look nice " clarissa said " Eeyeup lets check it out " i said carrying my bags and skipping in the house it was amaZAYN ( Yep i am punny ) " WOW " me and clarissa said in Unison " DAMN THIS PLACE GOT SOME SWAG BRO!! " i yelled going all crazy " oh em gee BLAIRE COME CHECK OUT THE ROOMS!!! " Clarissa squealed i stepped in " OMG DROP DEAD GOERGOUS!!! " The room was painted blue with a king side bed With green sheets on it next to it was a night stand with a fluffy princess phone that was in Blue there was a desk, walk in closet , a" I LOVE YOU "rug and a Balcony with flowers " I CALL DIBS ON THIS ROOM! " i yelled clarissa just shurgged " Watever i get the room in pink " she said stickign her tougne out " You know i hate pink " " Yep she said skipping of to her room " OH AND WERE GOING CLUBBING SOON! " i shaked my head "this bitch gonna be drunk" i mumbled " I HEARED THAT! " clarissa screamed from her room i shaked my hed and Packed my stuff in  and i was set  i walked to clarissas room " Hey im gonna get ready k? " i asked " Sure were leaving at 10:00 " she said i looked at the time 9:00 ok thats good i walked in the shower and did the usuall - 20 minutes later - i walked out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel i walked to my room and looked threw my closet "hmm what to wear" i picked out this red mini dress and a pair of silver heels i walked up to my vanity and curled my hair even more put on some make up very natural but a tint of red lipstick and got a nice purse out i walked over and grabbed a coat and slid it on "CLARISSA ARE YOU READY! " i yelled " YEA I AM IM COMING DOWN NOW " after those words i heared her room door open she looked great she was wearing a studded waisted dress wich was very mini in my opinion gold flats cause she allways takes over her shoes when she goes clubbing and her blonde hair curled she looked goregous " Ok lets HIT THE STREETS OF LONDON!! "

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