Bad Romance

Hey im Blaire, This is my story of how i became Famous. Most people get famous by going on X factor or stuff like that, But me? was a WHOLE different story and it all started when i went to London with my best friend Clarissa lets just say our adventure was outstanding


1. Questions...


@ Blaire's P.O.V @

" I love you too Kyle " i mumbled as i slept soundly,but then a few minutes later i hear " BLAIRE YOU FUCKING FAT HIPPO GET YOU MOFO ASS UP! " i fall out of my bed face down i look to see my best friend Clarissa aka Clair " YOU MOTHER FUCKING BITCH I WAS SLEEPING! " i said pouting i sighed " Did you tell Kyle? " my eyes light up " Shit " i whispered under my breath " You are sooo fucked " i hate when she was right,well wich is all the time " Oh SHUT UP! " i said running to the shower and begining my day.... ( 10 Minutes later ) i walked out and wrapped my curvy yet tanned body in my Violet towel from Bath  Body works i walked to my room and looked at my Damped Normal Brown hair i sighed i examined my face my Big Blue eyes and my Long lashes looked just so wrong the  dimples i had in my cheek i sighed why cant i be pretty like most girls?  i opened my walk in closet to see Clarissa Playing with a few of my shoes i couldnt help but giggle " Wow clarissa you never get tired of doing that? " she shaked her head, Me and Calrissa aka Clari have been friends since well we can remember so we werent really best friends she was like a sister i never had so any dude who played with her heart was playing with my fists i looked in and grabbed my " I love sleep " Crop top from freshtops and a pair of Black skinny jeans i looked at my hair and brushed my brown hair " Blaire Clarissa GET DOWNSTAIRS NOW YOU PLANE LEAVES IN 35 MINUTES! " my mum yelled i took my suit case and Clarissas and dropped in the trunk. I heared a beep i looked down to see i got a message from.... Crap kyle ; Hey babe meet up Starbucks? ; i sighed you gotta tell him sooner or later i prefer later though ; Sure cya there babe ; i sighed " Mum il just walk to starbust for a sec i wanna tell kyle something " i said with a fake smile plastered all over my face i walked to starbucks to see Kyle his Lovely blonde hair and his piercing green eyes what more could a girl ask for i walked up to him " Kyle i have something to tell you " i said rubbing my arm " Your not cheating on me right? " he said with worry in his eyes " HELL NO DO I LOOK LIKE SOME HOE?! " he chuckled " Then whats up? " i sighed " Well im going to London " " Wait for vacation right? please tell me for vacation " i shaked my head " Clarissa and I are moving to london " i said looking down " MOVING!? WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME BEFORE! " he yelled " Cause i knew this is how you would react " i said crying " I WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN MAD IF YOU TOLD ME BEFORE! " he continued yelling " IM SORRY! " i yelled crying " J Just stay away from me " i sobed " Please Kyl- " but before i could finish he had already stormed out i ran i ran and i didn't look back some much questions flouded my mind Are we over? Was it just a simple fight? Why didn't i tell him before, all these questions and so little time to answer what do i do?

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