Bad Romance

Hey im Blaire, This is my story of how i became Famous. Most people get famous by going on X factor or stuff like that, But me? was a WHOLE different story and it all started when i went to London with my best friend Clarissa lets just say our adventure was outstanding


2. London

@ Blaires P.O.V @ " Plane B109 To London is now boarding " the intercome announced as i was boarding th plane with my best friend beside me i heared my name being yelled from a distance to see Kyle i couldnt help but smile even though are fight tore me to peices i just couldnt help it " Hey Blaire " he said looking down " what do you want i thought you made it clear you wanted me to leave right? " i said folding my arms in dissapointment " i thought i did but Blaire i cried for you and i was scared for you i dont want you to give up on me dont give up on us dont give up on the love i have for you just please please " he begged as he was kneeling on the floor begging me " Kyle i will never EVER give up on you and i will never give up on us " i said pulling him towards me.. Our lips crashed together dancing in all the years i have been with Kyle we had never had a kiss so passionate as i pulled away we were both in tears " i will miss you Kyle and il be faithful till you come and visit " i couldnt help but smile " I will be faithful but rember dont belive what you hear ok? " he nodded.. You see Kyle has been bullied ever since he was little but i didnt know what was there to bully look at him he looks like some hollister freaking model! who wanna bully that! i sighed till i heared a ahem come from the back of us i turned to see clariss " When you guys are done with all your love dovey shit we have a plane to boared " " calm your tits were getting there " i snapped back she just shaked her head and went in " il call you when i get there " i whispered in his ear " Ok cya babe " he said hugging me one last time and then i was off to the worl called London....

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