Is it really true

"Carson had it all" well thats what everybody thought they never knew she stayed up at night crying that her bestfriend died and she could have stopped it but she didnt, till one day she cant take it she jumps off a bridge ,but someone sees her , Harry Styles from the band one direction, she wakes up in a hospital all she remembers is a false story with little bits of the truth mixed in


1. Why?

Carsons P.O.V

Everybody thought i had it all just because i had a big house , an iPhone, and wore nice clothes but they didn't really know. Hi im Carson my best friend died a couple weeks ago , I blame myself, it should have been me she was only 11 im 15 she had more stuff that she would never get to do that i had done. Her name was Rowan , short, cheeky, full of her self, confident, scared, crazy ,beautiful, and different. Rowan, she had diabetes, she stopped taking her insulin she knew it was gonna happen, but she was tired of the stress, i mean she was only eleven, she was bullied, called ugly, she believed what the bullys said, they called her ugly she believed, they called her worthless she believed, they called her a waste of space she believed. I knew it but i didnt stop it. Why? *couple days later It was to much the hate she went on Rowans twitter and saw everything , she saw all the comments, she felt horrible she nevered paid attention, she decided she should be with Rowan so she went to a bridge and jumped........

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