Is it really true

"Carson had it all" well thats what everybody thought they never knew she stayed up at night crying that her bestfriend died and she could have stopped it but she didnt, till one day she cant take it she jumps off a bridge ,but someone sees her , Harry Styles from the band one direction, she wakes up in a hospital all she remembers is a false story with little bits of the truth mixed in


3. Real, Fake, She Dont Know

no ones pov

She woke up, in a strange room, all she remember was a cute guy with green eyes, and brown curly hair, holding her hand, the same guy sitting next to her right now. Doctors she is awake he yelled!!!!! Doctors flooded the room like moths to a light, they ask her if she remebered anything, no she said. They came back and asked she said i remember him she pionted at the guy know as Harry ,, she said im guessing he is my boyfriend.

Harrys p.o.v

She said me her boy friend well this was going well,,,, the doctors took him out side the room and said give her a fake life story, she will only remebers part of her life, she dosent have parents they dont want her we know we called. DOTN WANT HER!! he was mad no parent should do that to th eir child. like if you want me to continue righting or comment or favorite thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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