Is it really true

"Carson had it all" well thats what everybody thought they never knew she stayed up at night crying that her bestfriend died and she could have stopped it but she didnt, till one day she cant take it she jumps off a bridge ,but someone sees her , Harry Styles from the band one direction, she wakes up in a hospital all she remembers is a false story with little bits of the truth mixed in


2. Her

Harrys P.O.V

I saw her a girl run from one side of the bridge to the other never stopping, just falling , the girl was screaming ill see you again soon. Then i realized ...sucide... i dove into the river dragged the limp, cold, bloody, body up to shore , and called an ambulence. Sirens he heard them coming fast they loaded her up, i got in the back with them, the girl was beautiful, brownish blond hair that fell to right above her boob, beach tan, and the most clear blue eyes. STOP IT HARRY!! You dont even know her and your already falling for her, Why, Her?

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