Love at first sight

Andi lives an ordinary life but when her sister Bailey wins a week with the one direction will she finally show feelings for them and fall in love or will she ignore their friendly hello's live life like anyone else??? this is my very first movella so plz no hate


1. Found

Andi's POV:


Hi my name is Andi. I've just recently turned 22. i have blondie-brownie hair with brown eyes and my two sisters are in love with the famous boyband 'One Direction' i'm not a fan even though my sisters make me listen to their songs and all that crap. today im gonna be seeing a very old friend of mine Zayn Malik and i do know that he is in one direction and all that but i think it will be nice to see him again.


*At Starbucks*

Zayn's POV:

"hey Zaynster"andi said with a smile and came up for a hug and i gave her one then we found a seat near the window and started to chat about the last few years. it was so good to see her again, she was dressed so beautifully with her favourite worn out skinny jeans and checkered t-shirt with a white singlet underneath.


Andi's POV:

when i got to starbucks i greeted zayn with a hug and a soft but confident 'hello zaynster'.


*An hour later*

"well i'll speak to u soon zaynster"i said and gave him one last hug before going to my motorbike (a harley davidson) and drove home.

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