confused life

It was April 6 2013 and a girl named Starling (which means a small, musical bird) an English name. her and her boyfriend Harry just broke up and he goes feets over toes and become crazy. He then kidsnaps her and his band members (Zayn,Niall,Liam, and Louis) think that they are back together. But Starling is being forced to be with him. What's going to happen?


3. That night

Review: All day  I've been hanging out with Liam and Niall tagged along. when he found out that I got he flipped! I think if he was in the Olympics he would win gold LOL.


this night was not like other nights, this night strange stuff happened.


 "bye Liam. bye Niall" I said while waving good bye

"Bye Starling" they both say at the same time.

"WAIT!" said Liam. I turned around and he said "think about moving, don't make the wrong decision.

"ok Liam, I'll think about it" I then walked towards the my house's while the car drove away.

I checked the mail and saw I had the bill. It was higher than ever this time it cost $659. how could it rise so much? I walked in and unlocked my phone but then I hear a knock at the door. I walked towards the door and opened it.

"Hello?" I asked but there was no one there. I look to each side and when I look to the left (were the mailbox is) and saw a letter sticking. I walk to the mailbox and grabbed the letter I walk inside and then opened it. inside there was $700 it was perfect for paying my bills. I soon walk to my room and jumped in my bed. I was thinking if I should move, Liam and Niall and how they kept on saying that I shouldn't go. My thoughts were interrupted my a loud smash. I stayed in bed for a while thinking it was the neighbor having another fight, but then I heard it again. but this time it was in the hall way. I grabbed my bat and cracked opened the door. The person wasn't in the hallway but when I walked farther I saw a shadow. I walked to the living room and saw a tall man I didn't see his face since he wasn't looking at me. I was shaking in fear but then I decided to be brave. I walk towards the man and before I hit him in the back with my bat he turned around and grabbed the bat. He grabbed me by the waist and push me to the couch. Then he jumped out off the window. I got up and ran after him not knowing what I was doing when I jumped out of the window I hurt my ankle. I screamed and he turned around looking at me. I didn't really look at him but when I did he was walking towards me. I tried to stand up and walk backwards but I couldn't fight the pain. The man then picked me up in bridal position and we walked inside. he the put me in bed he kissed my forehead and left. I wiped my forehead were he kissed me. I was thinking who the hell was that guy but it didn't come to mind, so then I felt asleep.

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