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It was April 6 2013 and a girl named Starling (which means a small, musical bird) an English name. her and her boyfriend Harry just broke up and he goes feets over toes and become crazy. He then kidsnaps her and his band members (Zayn,Niall,Liam, and Louis) think that they are back together. But Starling is being forced to be with him. What's going to happen?


10. its time to be FREE!! or is it?

I got out of the car and looked around I really wish I wasn't here right now I mean I can't stand Harry or Louis (yuck) or Zayn. why do I have to go through this? I walked towards the front door, the only thing in my mind was how am I going to get the hell out of this hell hole! I unlocked the door (Harry gave me an extra key) and went inside. I ran to a guest room and threw myself in the bed. I heard a knock. "Starling! are you in there?" it was Liam. "yeah come in" I said and sat myself down. "Hey I'm taking prince eats a lot to get some food." he said "I HEARD THAT!!!" screamed Niall from down stairs. Liam and I looked at each other and laughed our butts off! "Haha anyways, do you want anything?" Liam asked. "Umm no thanks." I replied. "Oh and Louis and Zayn are leaving.. OH and Harry is coming with us soooo DONT DO ANYTHIG STUPID!!!!". "YES SIR!!" He laughed and left the room. "BYE MY LOVE" screamed Harry. "BYE ME DARLING" Niall screamed. "DONT CAUSE ANY PROBLEMS!!!!!" said bossy Liam. I released a small chuckle but then I heard Louis. "Bye slut" said Louis. Even though  hate him for some reason I-it hurt... at least Zayn just said bye are closed the door. I watched the cars leave. I then rushed to the back door and ran across the huge back yard. until I was in front of the wooden fence. I took a deep breath and started climbing the fence. My dress was getting ripped up in the bottom and pieces of fabric wear stuck in the crack of the fence. but nothing stopped me. I was almost over the fence when suddenly the sun set hit my face. I looked down and I saw a valley of flowers. I felt great as I finally made it over. I jumped into a the valley of different flowers. I looked down at my feets and smiled. I felt free my heart beat went fast with excitement. I looked up and my smile became bigger. I ran and ran around I screamed "I'M FREE!!!" I fell down and watched the clouds pass by. I fixed myself and sat down I watched the sunset when all the sudden I hear a worried voice I look back to the fence and saw Harry running towards me. I screamed rape and ran as fast as I could away from him. I looked back and saw him just standing there. The moon was really bright that night. The moonlight made Harry's eyes sparkle and his tears. I looked back straight to freedom but I kept looking back at Harry. What happened to him? Why is he crying? Why do I feel sorry? and most important WHY DO I KEEP LOOKING BACK WHEN FREEDOM IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME?!?! I looked at him one more time and he fell to his knees. he looked down and started crying. "Well here I go TOWARDS FREEDO- but I cant just leave him," I thought to myself. "UGH!" I continued my thoughts. I slowly walked towards Harry. he didn't raise up he's head not even for a second. "Harry? are you ok?" I asked. He lifted his head up slowly and the first I saw was a black eye, a whole bunch of scratches and a broken lip. I gasped and he looked at me and gave me a hug. I felt his tears running down his cheeks. "Harry... What happened?"

"T-they kill dad"

"WHAT?!?! HOW? TELL ME EVERYTHING! I said while pulling away from the hug. his dad was like a 2nd father to me.

"I was driving to Nando's and since dad lives near Nando's I decided to drop by, I went. when I went inside I see dad tide up. there wear two big guys with knives around her and they looked at me. When all the sudden I hear the door lock. When I turn around I see a blonde girl in her 23. She was wearing a leather jumpsuit and a black beanie. She had red lipstick and blue eyes. All the sudden she said hello harry and her tone of voice made me figure out that it was Taylor. We had a discussion and then it got to a point were one of the guys turned me around and  punched me. I got into a fight with the two hippos when all the sudden I get knocked out. I wake up and see dad in the floor bleeding. I started taking out my phone but it wasn't in my pockets. When I hear Taylor saying What's the point? It's a little to late. She then slapped me and gave me my phone. when I try to turn on my phone nothing happened. I took out the battery and it was moist. I looked at her with anger and she just walked away. I watch her live and I ran towards dad. I got his phone out off his pocket and dial 911. I answered every question and they said to go home and relax. so I left and here I am... Starling... I'm scared." I looked at him with surprise. He's scared... he admitted he's scared... for the first time every. I brought him towards a hug.

"everything is okay" I said


A.N. Hi guyz I'm back!! sorry I haven't wrote in a while but I had my finals on april and now I'm practicing to go to the X-factor season 4. and I got my iPOD taken away so I concentrate in school and I just got my laptop fixed and I didn't go to school today cause well I'm just lazy :3 hehe but IM BACK!!! I'll try to write more and comment for suggestion please. I LOVE YALL!!! Like, Favorite and Fan. :)

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