confused life

It was April 6 2013 and a girl named Starling (which means a small, musical bird) an English name. her and her boyfriend Harry just broke up and he goes feets over toes and become crazy. He then kidsnaps her and his band members (Zayn,Niall,Liam, and Louis) think that they are back together. But Starling is being forced to be with him. What's going to happen?


9. Hospital


"Starling, Starling. Please, please wake up." I hear a raspy sad voice say. I moaned and slowly opened my eyes.   "Were, were am I?" I say looking around   "You're at the hospital darling" Liam said wiping his tears off his cheeks.   "WHAT!!" I say while sitting up. "How long was I hear for?"   "A couple 6,7 Hours." A voice said. It was a guy coming through the door. It was... It was... ZAYN!?!? Wtf   "Ugh, what are YOU doing here?" I say mad.   "Well I'm sorry for feeling worried that my best friend girlfriend is in the hospital." He say annoyed    "Well probably we shouldn't of come." says a voice behind him. When I saw who it was the memory of what happened. I adjusted my eyes and realized it was... Louis Fucking Tomlinson >:(   "SHUT UP GUYS!!! JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!! SHE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU TWO, DID SHE?" Harry said staring straight at their eyes. I for once thought Harry was doing something nice.   "Hey guys, how- STARLING YOUR AWAKE!!!" Niall said very very happy. "IT'S A MIRACLE!!" he said while giving me a hug.   "What? What are you talking about?" I said while releasing from the hug.   "Well while you were running, you tripped and hit head in the edge of a glass table. Apparently you hit it so hard that the fucking table broke!" Niall said wiping tears off his cheeks.   "What, How-" I said. I was cut off by the memory flowing back to me. I looked at Louis and he was staring at me with his eyes W I D E open.   "Starling?" said a voice. It was the nurse. " Oh you're awake that's a miracle. My name is Marcella and well we got the X-rays back and you will be ok. You just need a lottle more blood imported towards your body. What type of blood are you?"   "O negative" I answered   "Oh well umm we don't have enough O negative blood... Do you know anyone who has O negative that would donate?" asked the Nurse   "I-I have O negative" said..... LOUIS?!?!? I looked at him with surprise and confuse look.   "Ok, well everyone else... OUT!" ordered the Nurse.   "But I cant leave, you see she's my-" Harry said being interrupted by the Nurse. She pushed all of them (except for Louis) out of the room and left to get her stuff.   "Louis?" I asked   "Yes?" he answered   "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT WITH ME!?!?!?"   "I wan't nothing, but we both know you remember what happened and I don't want you to snitch!"   "Of course you don't. But I really don't care if you donate blood or not. I'ma tell Harry."   " NO YOUR NOT! CUASE I WOULD MESS YOU UP!!!! Plus you need the blood to get out off the Hospital."   "Then I guess I'm not leaving." O said while smiling. Ithought I won but then he stood up. Smirked at me and started wlking towards me.   "You are very very sassy, and I don't like that." he whispered in my ear. "Harry is my best friend and he trusts me with all his heart. He would never believe a little slut like you. So go on tell him." he backed up and took a sit. "So are you going to tell him or are you just going to follow along". I looked at his sea green ayes with a hint of blue, and checked if he was serious. I always had a way of telling if he was lying or if he was serious and he's serious.   "Ok... I wont tell him"   "Good"    Then the Nurse came in. "Well are you ready Mr.Tomlinson?" asked the Nurse.   "Yes, yes I am" Louis said looking at me with a smirk.   __________________________ A couple of mins later.


Louis POV   "Louis?" I hear a voice say. I moaned and turned around. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Harry shaking me. "Harry?" I ask   "Louis wake the fuck up it's time to go"    "what? Did they take out the blood?"   "No! That's why you fainted when you SAW YOUR OWN FUCKING BLOOD!?!?" Harry said. As he spoke sarcasm I looked around for no apparent reason I just didn't wanna hear his words.   "Harry. Shut up and let's go" I said standing up from the chair. Harry grabbed my arm and helped me up. I then started walking towards Harry's Audi R8 but I saw Starling so I started walking towards Liam's Yaris. We drove to Harry's house. Great right? Not. I might as well just drive me to hell >:( 

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