confused life

It was April 6 2013 and a girl named Starling (which means a small, musical bird) an English name. her and her boyfriend Harry just broke up and he goes feets over toes and become crazy. He then kidsnaps her and his band members (Zayn,Niall,Liam, and Louis) think that they are back together. But Starling is being forced to be with him. What's going to happen?


1. Harry?

"Harry we need to talk..." I said nervously 


"yes babe?" harry said knowing that i was going to say some bad news.


"we-we're over…"


"What? W-WHY!?!?" 


His nose started to turn red and tears were forming in his eyes. It hurt me to him like this but we just couldn't go on. It wasn't that I found someone new it was that I was leaving to a new home.


"Harry is not that I don't hav-" I was cut off by Harry.


"AM I JUST A WASTE OF TIME?!?! Was Inot good enough?!?!" he said really really angry. His sadness turn into anger and he is the scariest person when you get him mad.


"Harry please jus-" again harry cut me off... That mother Fucker wouldn't let me talk >:(. 


"you know what you don't have to explain, I understand you lost your feelings for me" he said and then stormed out of the room.


I look down to my Cherry tea, I didn't understand why he freaked out but that was the way he was (and I had to deal with him

every fucking day... But I still had always stayed there with him). I think he expected for us to break up the way he just said it.

We have been fighting for a long long while and it was hard to start a covirsation and we hardly hanged out and when we did

all that came out of us ended in a fight. Talking about our past makes me loose our good feelings soo why cry over him.

I guess i don'have so many feelings for him anymore. :) PARTY!!! :) 


"Hello?" i said 


"HEYY Starling! Sooo how did harry take it?" said the voice in the phone.


"Metigold? LOL you're an idiot, and he didn't take it so well." i answered


"LOL! Girl that means you're SINGLE!!"


"Oh my gosh, Goldie, what are you trying to say?"


"Starling, don't you get it?!?! I'm talking about clubing. DUH!!" 


"I would but 1.) I'M NOT YOU! I don't go clubing after a braek up. 2.) I need to pack up."


"1.) your a party pooper... :D 2.). You're only moving 2 or 3 miles away. Wait WHAT THE HELL WAS TGE POINT OF BREAKING UP WITH HARRY!?!?"

Is she really that supid. :|


"again I'm moving. But also me and him weren't going any were."


"Well that's true." she said in a searious voice. "BABE COME ON" a voice in the backround said. "Starling i got to go, Sorry" she said


"bye" i said and then I hang up. She could be such a slut


I was walking down the streats of London. I felt lime if I was being watch. I then took a taxi which brought me straight to my house. It was a good thing I didn't have to walk but the bad thing was that the taxi smelled like shit. Also the taxi's driver was cheking me out XP.


I went towards my house and there was a gang selling drugs in front of my house a guy asked me if I wanted to smoked but I said no and walk toward my door I checked my pocket and I didn't find my key. So I went through the back window andagain I felt like I was being watch O.o

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