confused life

It was April 6 2013 and a girl named Starling (which means a small, musical bird) an English name. her and her boyfriend Harry just broke up and he goes feets over toes and become crazy. He then kidsnaps her and his band members (Zayn,Niall,Liam, and Louis) think that they are back together. But Starling is being forced to be with him. What's going to happen?


11. A.N.


Hey everyone!!!!!!!! ok so I need a co-author so please comment some info not much just some about how long you've been in movellas , how many movellas you wrote and I think that's it... OH and your Ideas for the next chapter. :) oh and I've been trying to upload a pic of Starling but I cant :(  but I have the site you can go. It is: (or)  sooooo yeah but Im not sure you guys vote and I'll make the decision. But the point is I need a co-author sooo please comment if you want to please!

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