Forever Young

A vampire named Brook goes to a concert with her BFF's and runs into a very strange incident. Brook has to find a way to survive with the 1Direction werewolf's and her human besties without getting anyone hurt in the process.


7. The secret

Lucy's P.O.V.

I was just looking around my room when I heard yelling and not the good kind. "Just leave me alone!" I heard Emma shout. "Fine! I didn't care about you anyway!" shouted Niall. Harry came rushing down the hall and said, "What's going on Niall?" "This piece of rubbish girl tried to kill me!" Niall exclaimed. "Serves you right!" Emma cried before stomping down the hall. I tried to hide my smile. Emma was totally right though. She didn't even want to come. I practically drug her with me. I stepped out into the hall while a pushed my red hair back into a messy ponytail. "Sorry Niall. She didn't even want to come." I told him with a yawn. "It's okay love." he replied smiling gently. "I know!" I cried. Niall looked puzzled as I called Rhiannon. In moments she was standing beside me. "Niall, meet the girl who has the biggest crush on you." I said to him. "Hello love." he said as he looked at Rhiannon with a look that said it was love at first sight.  "C'mon, I want to show you something." he whispered to her. She raced after him like a little puppy. "C'mon love. Let's get some sleep." Harry said. "Okay." I said, yawning again. I crawled into bed and felt Harry slide in beside me. It felt so right.  All of a sudden, Harry whispers, "I know what your friend Brook is." "What do you mean?" "She's a vampire." "Those don't exist." "Yeah? I'm a werewolf." "Prove it." I saw Harry change right in front of me. Oh my god he's telling the truth! 

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