Forever Young

A vampire named Brook goes to a concert with her BFF's and runs into a very strange incident. Brook has to find a way to survive with the 1Direction werewolf's and her human besties without getting anyone hurt in the process.


3. The Ride

Lucy's P.O.V.

My heart pounded when Harry walked up to me and said, "The Irish Chick is mine." When he pulled me close to him, I think I died and went to Heaven. Anyway, I saw Lou pick Brook up and carry her off somewhere. Harry picked me up like a bride and took me to a limo where Lou and Brook were waiting. Liam and Crystal followed, then Emma with Niall which I think was so not fair. I mean, Harry is hot but so is Niall. Then RH came alone and Zayn followed shortly after her. I was beginning to wonder what was going on. When I got the passes, they said it was to meet them, not go somewhere with them. I was lost in thought and didn't realize that the limo stopped at a hotel until Harry picked my up again and took me inside. The hotel had velvet EVERYWHERE!!! I heard Brook scream and I whirled around to see Lou running up the stairs with her over his shoulder. "Lou! Put me down!" she said, pretending to be mad. She pretended to hit him in order to put her down. "Why should I?" he asked with a playful tone in his voice. "C'mon, I want you to see our room." he told her. "Wait! What's going on?" I asked him. Lou stopped and said, "For some reason, someone sent us hot chicks to live with us or something like that. And I don't mean to be rude but we are 19 how old are you guys?" "18" I told him. Then Harry lifted me on his shoulders and took me to our room.

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