Forever Young

A vampire named Brook goes to a concert with her BFF's and runs into a very strange incident. Brook has to find a way to survive with the 1Direction werewolf's and her human besties without getting anyone hurt in the process.


6. The confession

Brook's P.O.V.

When Lucy left I raced to the VC. "Any reports?" asked the headmistress. "I have confirmed your suspicions as correct." I replied. "Good." she said, "you're dismissed." I bowed to her and raced back to the dorm/hotel. When I got there, Louis walked in. "Hey can I tell you something?" I asked. "You can ask me anything baby." He said. Great. He's calling me baby now but he's gonna try and rip my throat out when I tell him. 

"I know you're a werewolf." I tell him really fast. "That means you're a vampire!" he exclaims. I hang my head and say, "Yeah. I'm a vamp. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier! I'm so sorry." "Wow." he said. "But I don't care. I love you Brook, Vampire or not." he said. Then he leaned in and kissed me. "Not the reaction I was expecting but I'll take it!" I said when we pulled apart. He smiled his smile that melts my heart and said, "Just promise me you won't tell anyone else, okay?" " 'Kay." I replied just before he kissed me again. "Are you going to tell the others about me?" I asked him. "If you want me to then I will." Louis replied. "It's for the best, I think." I told him as I snuggled against him. "Okay. I'll tell them later. I just want to stay here with you right now." said Louis. We sat on the red love seat in front of his fire place. I lay on his lap while he strokes my hair. "Brook?" said Lou. "Yeah." I replied, my voice having a tired tone in it. "Would you want to be with me forever?" he asked. " 'Course." I said. "That's good." Louis said before I fell into a deep sleep.

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