Forever Young

A vampire named Brook goes to a concert with her BFF's and runs into a very strange incident. Brook has to find a way to survive with the 1Direction werewolf's and her human besties without getting anyone hurt in the process.


8. First day

Brook's P.O.V.

When I woke up, I was wrapped in Louis's arms. It was so warm and comfy that I didn't want to move. Then I remembered we had school and I had to get up. I groan and roll out of bed. Louis wakes up and stares at me through sleepy eyes. "C'mon. We have school." I tell him. "Don't remind me!" he says as he rolls back over. I throw open the shades near him and he writhes around like a vampire. "The light! Get rid of the light!" he cries. I laugh, "Get up then! We gotta go!" I go and wake the others up before getting ready myself. I put on a navy blue T-shirt, blue jeans, and my favorite pair of boots. Louis looked me over and grinned, "Nice outfit." he said. I smiled back, "So you noticed?" I walk off to find Rhiannon. "Hey girl." I said when I found her walking out of Niall's room. "Hey Brooke. Ready for our first day?" she asked, using one of my many nicknames. "Kinda, I guess." I replied with a shrug. "So, how's Louis?" she asked with an evil grin. "Oh uh fine..." I said. I could feel my face burn with a dark blush. "I'm sure you'd know." she said. "How's Niall?" I countered. She hung her head and used her arms for cover, "Fine." she mumbled. I laughed and she shot me a death glare. "Oh hey Niall!" I chimed as Niall walked up behind us. Rhiannon's face shot up and she tried her best to keep from blushing. "Hey." he said, nodding at me. I turn and call over my shoulder, "See ya later Rhi!" I catch up to Harry and he smiles. "Hey there." Something was off. His aura was a little........strange. "Hey Harry." Suddenly, he leans down and whispers, "I know what you are." I stiffen and glance sideways at him. "And I know what your are. So we're even."  He lets out a small growl and I glare at him. "Uhm......mind explaining this to me?" Liam said. Our heads snapped to where he stood. Casting one last glare at Harry, I say, "I'll let him explain that."

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