Forever Young

A vampire named Brook goes to a concert with her BFF's and runs into a very strange incident. Brook has to find a way to survive with the 1Direction werewolf's and her human besties without getting anyone hurt in the process.


5. Caught in the moment

Lucy's P.O.V.

When Harry and I walked in, we saw Brook and Lou kissing. AWKWARD! When they saw us and pulled away, they looked upset. "Sorry to interrupt your cozy little scene, but we have to go Louis." said Harry. Louis gave Brook one more kiss before they left. "You ready for school tomorow?" she asked after she hopped up on her bed. "NO!" I cried. "Aw why not?" Brook asked. "Cause everyone's gonna know bout us and One Direction. You know, how we're kinda dating them." I told her. "Oh yeah." she said falling down on her bed. "I'm not looking forward to that." "Me either." I said. "I gotta go tell Harry something. Talk later?" I asked her. "Yeah." she replied. I walked back to my room and waited for Harry to come back. As I was petting one of Harry's cats, I heard yelling. "Why not go to hell?" I heard Emma shout. "Same back at ya!" Niall yelled. Emma stormed down the hall, down the stairs and into the main lobby. "Sorry about that." Niall said to me.

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