My enemy's brother

Dana meets a very sweet and good looking new guy in her bio class. But she finds out something that may ruin their relationship. Will they carry on? Or end it all? Read to find out!


1. The Guy, The Girl, and the enemy.



i startle awake at the annoying sounds of my stupid alarm. I look at it and see its 7:00 am. Ugh its so early. Stupid school. I lie back down and half sleep for another ten minutes. I get up and turn on the light. Augh so bright. I shower and blowdry my hair. I finally decide on a blue tank with a black leather jacket blue sparkly heels and black lululemon running pants. I quickly eat my cereal and take some money. I notice the time- 8:10. Oh shit! I need to get to school! I jump into my red and blue mustang and put on my favorite album; take me home by one direction. I quick step into school and grab the book out of my locker. I rush down the halls making sure to stand clear of the pot smokers. 


there goes the bell. Im gonna be late! I get into bio and sit down. Mr adams comes in to take attendance. But right then this amazingly hot guy with an amazing body and luchious blond hair comes in. I instantly stare and stare for the whole rest of the class. 


i walk into bio class and everyone is staring at me. It feels so awkward. I sit in an empty seat and look around. Everyone s talking and the teacher s taking attendance. How rude. Out if the corner of my eye i see this absolutly beautiful girl with long lucious livht brown hair. She's looking at me i can see but she cant see me looking "here" i say when the teacher calls my name. Gosh its way different here than my old school. 



im def not new here. My brother is though. Hes all shy and stuff. I really dont care. I sit by my girls in the caf. We watch all the people staring at us. Were so perfect! I get up to go buy lunch. A random girl appears and runs straight into me! She sprays her smelly meatballs and speghetti all over me! I hate her already. I scream and look at her. Its dana radcliff. Of course. Shes really jelous of me. I call for jade my bff to bring me a new dress in the bathroom i always keep a spare. Me and Dana are officially ENEMIES!


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