My enemy's brother

Dana meets a very sweet and good looking new guy in her bio class. But she finds out something that may ruin their relationship. Will they carry on? Or end it all? Read to find out!


3. The Friend and The Secret


I walk into school, i see Dana, i walk over. ''Hi, my name is Tiler, i already know yours from yesterday. I really like your outfit, its really cute! i think Mandii's a bitch too, she needs to get a reality check. Oh my gosh. i absolutly love your hair! its so cute how yoou mixed brunette with blue and purple/. are those your favorite colours? mine are blue and green. I-'' ''woah. you talk alot Tiler. cool. and thank you.'' omg, she just called me cool. shes like the coolest girl in the school! ''do u wanna be my friend? i dont have many cause i just transferred. also you're really cool and awesome-'' ''sure." omg we're friends now! ''okay, so who do you like in the school?'' i ask her. ''erm....... i kinda, sorta, like, um..... Sam?'' OMG that's Mandii's brother...... i dont think maybe- oh yeah- okay... im gonna tell her. she's looking at me funny, huh, oh my gosh, its been like five minutes ive been thinking. that's why......''come here i gotta tell you a secret.'' she comes closer to me so i can whisper into her ear ''Sam is Mandii's brother.'' ''WHAT?'' '' yeah i was debating on whether or not to tell you cause i know he likes you back and i think you deserved to know!


**Authors note** sorry for the short sucky chapter!!**

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