My enemy's brother

Dana meets a very sweet and good looking new guy in her bio class. But she finds out something that may ruin their relationship. Will they carry on? Or end it all? Read to find out!


4. The Fallout

**3 weeks later**

**DANA'S P.O.V**

since i became friends with tiler ive gotten more friends. But not closer to sam. Ive got 6 new friends, isrena,lauren, drew, stevie, kaylee and alyssa. Kaylee and alyssa and the others dont like each other. So im in the middle. I get to school. Ugh so boring. All my friends are there. I walk up to them. "Okay guys i have to tell you something" stevie said "Nathan brown asked me to give him. Nudes last night. " oh my gosh. "Omg" all of us said in sync. I cant belive this! I have to tell kaylee and alyssa! Thats so pervy. I ran to them as quick as i could in my stupid heels. Maybe i should switch to converse. Whatever. "Omg you guys have to hear this" and i proceed to tell them everything. "Oh my gosh" kaylee replied. RIIIINNNGGGGG!!!!! Ugh stupid bell. Stupid school. Oh bio first class not too bad but like its awkwerd sincei found out sam is mandiis brother. The day goes on pretty good until lunch. Isrena and stevie ALWAYS go into the girls washroom to eat. I dont know why but whatever. "Dana why did you have to tell kaylee and alyssa? They'll tell everyone. They already told sam and melaku. I thought i could trust you." Oh my god did that just happen? "melaku lied. He doesnt know. No one knows." I explained. "Dana you told Everyone. " i did not. I walk out. No i storm out. Fucking bitches. I cant belive they just freaked out because i told two people. I go back to my locker and pull out my converses. I cant stand these heels now. I feel so depressed. My friends think im a lier and hate me ad they think i gossip about them too. Which i dont. I sprint to the girls washrooms. Lauren sees me and tries to talk to me asks me whats wrong. Now thats a good friend. I start to cry. Crap. I look weak. I actually hate looking weak. Ew. "I just cant deal with this "i sob out. I agree to let lauren go talk to stevie. God. My makeup is running shit i look like a fucking whore. Lauren comes back. "What did you say?" I ask. " well i said did you know Dana is crying in the bathroom right now? She said she deserves it i dont give a fuck." Wow that hurts. Bad day. I thought she was my friend. A tear runs down my cheak. It stings. I really want to get out of here. I come out of the stall and fix my makeup. At least i look better. I take one last look in the mirror as the bell rings. I am as ugly as fuck. No wonder no one likes me. :(. *

few hours later**text messages from isrena and back from me. Isrena- hi

me- um?

me hi?

isrena-whats up?

me-um idk why u are txting me.

Isrena- me either. Hey i saw you crying today. It was funnyme- how was it funny?

isrena dont tell anyone i said it was funny

me- but i already told kassidy

isrena- of course you did

what was that supposed to mean?

me- at least im not like you who keeps their feelings inside and starts balling at random times. I shouldnt of said that.  An aweful person. My life sucks. I really need to get away from all of this. 



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