My enemy's brother

Dana meets a very sweet and good looking new guy in her bio class. But she finds out something that may ruin their relationship. Will they carry on? Or end it all? Read to find out!


5. Little Things

-one month later-

***DANA'S P.O.V***

well that whole thing blew over!!!! I havent talked to Sam lately since i'm sorta freaked out with him being Mandii's brother. Maybe hes as bitchy and mean as her. Hes as popular. Every time i see his face i gaze into a dream about falling in love, but then i snap myself out of it cause that cannot happen!! Maybe i should just text him and talk about it with him. Tiler says he likes me back. Whatever. Probably a lie.


***SAM'S P.O.V***

 I dont think its a bad thing for a guy to like One Direction. They are NOT gay. I am not gay either. i like Dana! I see Dana in halls. She's so beautilful. i wanna talk to her so bad. You know what ive liked her for a while now. I'm gonna march right over there and talk to her!!

"Hey" I say in a shy kind of tone.

she looks in my eyes and then quickly turns around grabs her bag shuts her locker and fast-walks away.

What was that about? She meets up with Tiler and whispers to her something. I noticed im standing by her locker looking dazed, so i wonder back to my locker and start rummaging through it to find my books.

"Hey Sam, s-sorry bout Dana shes a bit freaked out" Tiler stutters. When did she get here?

I do a 180 spin to look at her.

"Freaked out about what?" I say wonderously

"That you're Mandii's brother and you may be as mean as her. She's a bit freaked as i said. Thats why she walked away. A fast walk means something different. She likes you Sam. And i know you like her. Maybe try texting her. heres her number. dont tell her where you got it." And just like that she walked away.

I stare at the little piece of paper in my hand. A little 7 digit number carefully handwritten in the neatest writing. This is Dana's writing. ive seen it before.



***DANA'S P.O.V***

I finally get home and crash on the couch. I naturally check my phone. I got a message!!

unknown number-hey

me-hey? who is this?

unknown number-Sam

me-How did you get my number?

Sam-Tiler gave it to me

me-That little. grrg


me-so why did you text me?

sam-I have to talk to you about something.


sam-are you freaked out about me being Mandii's brother?


me-because ur prob as mean

sam-no. im not

me-oh kool



sam-so i have a question for you


sam-i know you like me and i like you. Your beautiful. And i know you dont know that. youre hand would fit in mine like its made just for me. but bare this in mind it was meant to be. and im joining up the dots with the frekles on youre cheeks. and it all makes sense to me. i know youve never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile youve never loved youre stomach or youre thighs. the dimples in your back at the bottom of youre spine but i love them endlessly. i wont let these little things slip out of my mouth. but if i do. it you its you they add up to. im in loove with you and all youre little things. but just listen to. ill promise that i'll care. i'll be there, for you. And my final thing to say is. Will you go out with me?


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