My enemy's brother

Dana meets a very sweet and good looking new guy in her bio class. But she finds out something that may ruin their relationship. Will they carry on? Or end it all? Read to find out!


2. HAHA good one...

**DANA'S P.O.V**

'' OH MY GOD! ARE YOU STUPID WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS? THIS IS A CRESSA HALLE DRESS. I GUESS YOU DIDNT KNOW THAT CAUSE YOU'RE SO POOR. JADE GET ME A NEW ONE STAT. AND YOU. IF YOU'D HAVE ANY SENSE OF STYLE AND MIND YOU WOULD HAVE ALREADY APOLOGISED AND PAID FOR MY DRESS.'' wow. didn't see that coming. that was overkill. "listen. Mandii-'' "haha starting to aplogize? thought so. why dont you go sit down with you're little UN-popular friends and why not go trolley you're big ass OUT OF MY WAY. you little slut.'' haha good one. MY TURN NOW. ''You think you're so cool? wearing skimpy little dresses like a little slut. go bitch on someone who cares, cause well. i dont bitch. i dont care for you're makeup and slut clothes and you're back-stabbing 'friends'. NO ONE CARES MANDII. NO ONE. oh and by the way, its dana and if you're too stupid to know, thats spelt dee eh en eh"  and just like that she walks away.

**SAM'S P.O.V**

holy crap that was one big blow up Mandii had. Well one thing good came out of it. I know that beautiful girls name! Dana, wow, even her name is beautiful. I really wish Mandii wasn't my sister, shes so annoying just because we're rich. She's a real bitch. Oh well, life goes on i guess, i just really hope she doesnt get in the way of me and Dana's relationship if we ever have one, cause just by spilling meatballs on her, you can be on her bitchy list, but when Dana talked back, well just looking at her, i know Mandii considers Dana an enemy now, so does Dana....... This may not end well.......

(author's note*** Tiler is a new girl in school that helps Dana***)


Hi! my name is tiler. I am new here! It seems there's alot of drama at this school, cause i just watched a girl named Dana and a girl named Mandii have a HUGE fight! just by listning i can tell Mandii is a real bitch and Dana is a girl i'd like to be friends with. she seems really cool! Maybe i'll talk to her and introduce myself. Tomorrow............

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