The End Of Us

Harry and Louis stand on the stage everyone is quiet no screaming and cheering just sobbing a lot of it. They had to tell them the news but they already knew and Harry and Louis are being blamed all their friends gone from the world. This was the end of us.


2. Memories

Harry and Louis are sobbing harder than ever when the have to tell Niall, Zayn and Liam's parents about what happened. It has been a secret for now but it will be out by next week and we had a concert tonight. They could not cancel the show that would break the fans' hearts. We had to tell the arena full of fans what happened and they are minutes away from doing it. Harry and Louis stand on the stage fighting back tears as they look out at the crowd. The crowd cheers at first but they go silence when they see its just Louis and Harry. A lot of them ask Where are the rest of the boys? This makes Louis and Harry spillthey tell them what happened everyone is sobbing. The fans couldn't handle it they couldn't stand to see the five boys from the bottom of the stairs gone. No more One Direction, no more Video Diaries ever, no more concerts. Just the thought of this makes Harry and Louis cry even harder. They think of all the memories they had together. Harry and Louis leave the arena along with all of the fans. Harry goes back to his hotel and looks on twitter and sees everyone blaming him for the crash.

@Niall'sGirl692- If it wasn't for Harry no one would be dead. I wish it was him instead of Niall.

Harry couldn't read anymore of this he couldn't stand it anymore he walks into his room where he sees Eleanor and Louis curled up together. He lays down and cries himself to sleep. He dreams of all the memories of One Direction he had:

It is July and today was the day five strangers were put together. I was the flirt of all the boys and yet Louis was the quiet one. We hung out for a few hours when all the sudden we were two years older and we were in a fight. the same fight right before the crash. I pull up to sirens and screaming I get out to see Niall, Zayn, and Liam all looking at me coverd in blood but dead.  They look at me and all say at the same time Its your fault Harry. I scream along with the other screaming but no noise comes out. They look at me again and say We can't Live forever Harry but you ruined it for us.

Harry wakes up screaming at the top of his lungs. Louis is right there with him hugging him and saiying Its ok. When really its not Ok. Harry said, No Louis its not Ok its my fault they died now they can't live forever. Harry had no idea how he was going to make it.

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