Annie Crace has just moved to New York City. Upon arriving she angers the most powerful people there. Now she must find a way to survive her stay in the city without her reputation getting destroyed.


3. Chapter 3.

“Damn it.” Annie mutters under her breath. Neil raises an eyebrow, smirks, and asks, “Excuse me? What’s wrong? Last time we met I recall you telling me to ‘fuck off’.” Annie looked at him and sighed inwardly debating with herself. Even if she hates the guy it would be better to be on his good side. That is, if he had a good side. “Look I’m really sorry about that. Can we just get past that? I was in a really bad mood. You see this moving thing wasn’t really the best thing that’s happened and I was in a really pissy mood.” Annie pleaded in one gigantic breath. Neil stared at her and leaned in. His forehead touching hers he said, “We can’t be on good terms. See, you have stood up against me, pissing me and my friends off. We have sought you out. Get ready Annie. Your going to pay a lot.” Annie gulped and terrified hazel eyes met satisfied brown eyes. Just then the bell rang for the class to start and Neil looked up at the board as if nothing had happened. “Welcome to World History. Let’s start with a project.” The entire class groaned. Annie was shocked. A project assigned on the first day? What was this teacher’s problem? Incidentally she muttered that out loud. Neil stifled a laugh and Mr. Greyson looked about lazily at his class.

          “The person to your right will be your partner and this will be your permanent seats for the first semester. Annie nearly banged her head into the wall. To the right of her, she looked, and saw the one and only Neil Valentine. Neil saw her look of despair and giddily grinned. “Now, you are to find a revolutionary war from any country and give a presentation on it. You have three weeks to get this done.” He said. “Go!” The entire class spread and Annie and Neil looked at each other. “Sooo,” Annie said, “What are we going to do?” she asked. Neil looked at her and said “The French Revolution.” Annie brightened up and Neil noticed. “You seem to be happy with that decision.” Before Annie could answer Mr. Greyson walked up to them and asked them, “Have you decided on a topic?” They both nodded. “Well, what is it? Remember that all decisions in my class are final.” Annie cautiously looked at Neil and quietly said, “The French Revolution.” Mr. Greyson nodded his head and walked away. Neil turned to her and said, “Well? Now that he’s gone you can tell me why you like France so much.” Annie stared at the ground and smiled softly, “It’s because I am truly from France. Though others may think differently.” Neil looked at her curiously. “What do you mean they might-” but before he could finish the bell rang and she quickly left before he could get a hold of her. He ran out of there and yelled, “Meet at my house at 6:00!” Annie stopped, looked back and nodded.

 Her next class was Science with Mrs. Roan. She ran to the class after a pit stop to her locker and sat down. ‘Well, since I have time I might as well look at some other bios. Just to keep me prepared for who I might encounter next.’


Name: Jesse Anderson

Age: 17 years old

Physical Description: Natural hair is black but is dyed dark blue, green eyes, 6ft 10in.

Likes: Soccer, Swimming, Messing with people

Family: Almost all gone, father is left but both are not very close. Father must fund for him at least until Jesse is 20 years of age.

Work: Café Heartbeat cashier

Personality: Sarcastic, cruel. Fakes good guy persona in front of elders.


                1st-Free Period








Teams: Vice Captain of Swimming and Soccer team

Extra Notes: Danny Valentine is his best friend.


“Danny Valentine huh? Seems like he’s Neil’s older brother. Lets read his next.” Annie said flipping to the next bio. Her eyes widened. “Whoa! Neil and Danny look almost alike!” she exclaimed. More students began to file in so she quickly read Danny’s bio.

Name: Danny Valentine

Age: 17 years old

Physical Description: Black/Brown hair, Brown eyes, 6ft 11in.

Likes: Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Flirting

Family: Mother is gone, Father almost always away on a business trip, little brother is Neil valentine. Growing tensions between him and father. Father is pressurizing him into taking over family business.

Work: Boss of Valentine Corp. while father is away

Personality: Smooth, Flirty, Cruel. Like Jesse he keeps a good guy persona In front of elder people

Teams: Captain of Soccer, Basketball, and Swimming teams

Clubs/Other Activities: President of Student Council






                5th-Office/Student Council


                6th-Free Period



Extra Notes: Seems to be overachiever, usually hangs around Café Heartbeat. Is best friends with Jesse Anderson.


          Before she could read anymore, Hannah had jumped on her. “Hey!” they both exclaimed at the same time and then laughed. “So how have classes been?” Hannah asked. Annie cringed remembering last period. “Not so good. Last period I got paired with Neil to do a project. Now I have to go to his house at 6:00 tonight.” Annie mumbled miserably. Hannah patted her comfortingly. “I’ll pray for you.” At this Annie laughed and almost immediately, Hannah joined in. Hannah sat down and Hannah gave her a piece of paper. Annie took it from her questioningly. “It is a map of the school. So you don’t get lost.” Hannah gleefully said. Annie hugged her. Her happiness then faded as she looked at the door. She shakily pointed a finger towards the door and Hannah followed her hand paling at who she saw. There standing by the door were Danny Valentine and Jesse Anderson. Both had spotted her. They smirked and took a seat behind her, whispering in her ear, “Get ready. The games have only just begun Annie.”



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