Annie Crace has just moved to New York City. Upon arriving she angers the most powerful people there. Now she must find a way to survive her stay in the city without her reputation getting destroyed.


2. Chapter 2

          The second bell rang and everyone took their seats. Annie sat next to Hannah and found herself looking at some preppy girl glaring at her. Annie started to look uncomfortable and Hannah fidgeted a little. “What are you doing in my desk?” she snarled. Hannah immediately came to Annie’s defense when Annie herself didn’t answer. “Cassie, it is the first day of school. This isn’t your seat. So go shove it and sit somewhere else you prissy.” Cassie gasped and walked away. “Why was she making such a big deal out of this? And who is she?” Annie whispered. Then after a second she added, “And isn’t the teacher supposed to be here by now?” Hannah tried to bite back a grin but failed. “The teacher is always late. Then she comes and has some stupid excuse. Oh, and that girl was Cassie Friar. She is the drama queen of the school. Mess with her and well… nothing will happen but she has a ton of people in her posse. You know. The stereotypical popular girl. She has the qualities too. She’s blonde, blue eyes, cheerleader, popular; you get what I’m saying right?” Hannah said. Annie nodded. Then a thought occurred. “Why didn’t she want to sit somewhere else?” she asked. Hannah sighed and said, “Remember how me and Adrian told you about the cruel five?” Annie nodded her head.    

          “Hey I have one little piece of advice. Stay away from the cruel five.” Annie slammed her locker shut and stared at him with utter confusion. “The what five? Who are they?” she asked. This time Hannah spoke up but her voice trembled slightly with fear. “The cruel five. They are the richest, cruelest, most powerful students in the school. Mess with them and your life is screwed for the rest of the time you are in this town. Stay away from them.”

          “Well the only seat available is over there.” Hannah pointed to an empty seat… next to Brandon. “Oh.” Realization dawned over Annie. “He must be one of the cruel five right?” Hannah sighed and nodded. “Hey Jake!” Hannah suddenly yelled. A mysterious looking boy looked up from his desk. Hannah ushered him over with her hand. “Bring that file.” She yelled. Jake’s eyes widened tremendously. He frantically looked through his stuff until he saw a thick file. Annie tilted her head confused.     Unknowingly to any of them Brandon was secretly watching them. ‘So they are going to show her the file? Well at least she’ll know who we are. It’s too bad. She’s too late. She has already messed with one of us. Now there’s no going back.’ He thought.         

Jake had by now already arrived at the table. He dropped the file on Hannah’s desk and quickly left. Hannah spread the files onto the desk. “I suggest you read these. You’re going to want to know who you’re supposed to steer clear of.” Annie nodded and skimmed through the pictures and one seemed familiar. ‘Oh God no. I was hoping bad things weren’t going to happen anymore.’ “What? What’s wrong Annie?” Hannah asked. Unknowingly Annie had spoken out loud. Annie sighed suddenly depressed. “This one I already know of.” She started. Then she started to talk to herself. “Man! If I knew this would happen I wouldn’t have done that.” She muttered. Hannah’s eyes widened and she grabbed Annie’s shoulders and roughly shook her. “What happened?” she demanded. Annie looked down and said, “I kind of told this one to” Annie cleared her throat. “‘Fuck off’.” Hannah looked at who she was talking about and paled. “Neil Valentine of all people. Now you are going to get it. But it’s okay because I am always with you.” She said. Annie looked up hopefully. “You are?” she asked. Hannah smiled kindly, “Of course I am. You are my friend. I never leave a friend. Even if I do have to go up against the cruel five.” She gently said. “Now why don’t we look at Neil’s bio first?” She said. Then a question dawned over Annie. “Hey Hannah. How did this Jake guy get so much information on them?” she asked. Hannah leaned in and whispered, “His parents do some kind of work that lets him get all kinds of information on people.” Annie smiled and thanked her. Then they took out Neil’s file and started to read it. “Whoa.” Hannah said. “I’ve never exactly read his info before. This is all new to me.” Hannah said, her eyes widening. Annie just kept reading unfazed.


Name: Neil Valentine

Age: 16 years old

Physical Descriptions: Brown Hair, Brown eyes, 6ft 5in.

Likes: Soccer, Tennis

Family: Mother is gone, Father almost always away on a business trip, older brother is Danny Valentine. Growing tensions between him and father. Father is always looking down at Neil and comparing him to Danny agitating Neil.

Work: Works as Co-CEO of family business

Personality: Cold, cruel, self-absorbed, arrogant, competitive, good boy persona in front of elders

Teams: Manager and player of soccer team, Captain of tennis team



2nd-World History




5th-Office/ Student Council

6th-Free Period


Extra Activities: Vice President of Student council

Extra Notes: The most daring one out of the 5. Tends to hang around Café Heartbeat.


Before they could read any other bios, the teacher arrived into the room. “Hello. If you are new to this school then welcome but other than that go ahead and do what you want. Tomorrow you will have a seating chart. Go ahead and leave me alone.” She said. “…Okay?” Annie replied confused. She just shrugged her shoulders and started writing in her journal. Hannah went to sleep and everyone else was talking, messing around, or sleeping. Annie sighed at the book as it was an outlet to her creativity. She finished writing an entry and then the bell rang. Everyone scattered and Annie stepped out of the classroom. ‘So my next class is World History with Mr.Greyson. Wait a minute…isn’t Neil is in my class? Damn it! This class is going to be a pain in the ass.’ Annie thought. She dragged herself to the classroom and sat down. A minute or two later somebody sat next to her. Annie turned to look at who it was and mentally cursed. Right next to her was Neil.

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