Annie Crace has just moved to New York City. Upon arriving she angers the most powerful people there. Now she must find a way to survive her stay in the city without her reputation getting destroyed.


1. Chapter 1

Annie Crace took a deep breath and opened the door to her new high school. It was nothing but a jungle in there. People were running everywhere. Some were whispering to each other and others shamelessly flirting with others. Annie tried to look for the principal’s office but failed. In her mission to look for the office, she crashed into someone. “Watch where you’re going.” A cold voice hissed. Annie looked up and saw a boy. Annie dusted herself off as she got up. She was still a little dazed. “Apologize. Now.” The boy sneered. She snapped out of her daze and blankly stared at him. “I... uh. Excuse me?” The boy glared at her and repeated himself, “Apologize for bumping into me.Hurry up peasant.” Annie then let her anger get the best of her and she glared at him. She took a dangerous step forward, “Okay first of all, who says peasant?” She said, “And secondly, fuck off. I was going to apologize but screw you. You are not good enough to get an apology from me.” And then Annie walked away. The boy just stared at her retreating form. ‘Hmm. Interesting. I’ll have to tell the others about her.’ he thought smirking to himself.         

Meanwhile Annie had gotten to the principals office somehow and had already gotten her schedule and locker. She walked to her locker and saw two kids about her age. One was a boy and one was a girl. She took a deep breath and walked over. “Hi!” she exclaimed and the two teens turned around surprised. The girl quickly recovered and flashed her a smile. Her onyx eyes sparkled with excitement as she stared at her possibly new friend. The girl stuck her hand out and the boy was still shocked. “Hi! My name is Hannah Jackson! Nice to meet you. The guy behind me is Adrian Smith. Don’t mind his expression. He’s just an idiot.” Hannah said in one deep breath. Annie laughed and shook Hannah’s hand. “Nice to meet you too. Name’s Annie Crace.” Adrian had gotten over his shock and kneeled down taking Annie’s hand into his. “Why hello beautiful. To what do I owe this pleasure?” he purred. Annie just raised an eyebrow and looked at Hannah with a ‘what-the-hell’ look. Hannah just giggled and pulled Adrian up. She smacked him on the head and turned to Annie, “You’re not from here are you? I’ve never seen you around before today.” Annie politely smiled and moved to the right where her locker was. Talking while opening it she said, “I am new to town. Just got here a day or two ago. I’ve been cooped up in my house unpacking and then I shopped for supplies and stuff like that so yeah.” Adrian and Hannah nodded their heads in understanding. They looked at each other and silently conversed with each other with their eyes. Finally, Adrian spoke up, “Hey I have one little piece of advice. Stay away from the cruel five.” Annie slammed her locker shut and stared at him with utter confusion. “The what five? Who are they?” she asked. This time Hannah spoke up but her voice trembled slightly with fear. “The cruel five. They are the richest, cruelest, most powerful students in the school. Mess with them and your life is screwed for the rest of the time you are in this town. Stay away from them.” Annie’s eyes widened as she rapidly shook her head a yes. Adrian then looked down the hallways. “Hey Hannah. We got to meet with Blake remember?” Hannah smacked her forehead and started to dash to some place Annie had no idea about. “We’ll talk later. Meet us at the cafeteria for lunch. I’ll introduce you to our two other friends.” Hannah yelled as she ran looking back at Annie. Adrian dashed right after Hannah but, not before turning towards Annie and flashing her a 100-watt grin. “Good luck!” he yelled disappearing behind the corner. Annie waved and turned around smiling. Maybe this new school wasn’t as bad as she initially thought it would be.

          The boy who had crashed into Annie before stood among four other boys. “This girl seems to be interesting. She pretends to not care who we are and stands against us.” a boy about seventeen said. “You’re right Jesse. She completely blew me off.” The boy who crashed into Annie said. Jesse raised an eyebrow and before he could ask, another boy, around sixteen, beat him to it. “What did she say Neil?” he asked. “Well Brandon she basically told me to ‘fuck off’.” Neil said. Brandon bit back a smile while another boy who also seemed to be seventeen smirked and said, “It’s about time someone told you that little brother.” Neil growled at the boy, “Shut up Danny.” Danny just shrugged his shoulders and leaned back in his chair. Another boy around sixteen who had been sitting quietly suddenly spoke. “Who is she? How does she look? I think we have found someone to mess with. It has been a while.” He said with a sadistic smile appearing on his face. Danny just shook his head and said, “Luke you always like messing with people.” Danny then turned to Neil. “Hurry up and describe her. We have class soon.” Neil glared at Danny and then spoke. “She has black hair that is tipped with blue highlights.” “That’ll be easy to find… I hope.” Brandon interrupted. Neil continued on like he hadn’t heard the comment. “She has hazel eyes and is five feet six inches.” “How does he know that?” Jesse muttered under his breath. “She is also sixteen so we will be able to see her most.” Neil finished looking at Luke and Brandon for the last part. Then the first bell rang and the five of them got up to leave. “Try to get more info on her during the day.” Brandon called out to them. They just waved their hands and walked off into different directions. “Let’s see. ELA with Ms. Kijorami.” And Brandon set off to his class hoping to see the girl who had spiked their interest.

          “ELA with Ms. Kijorami. Here it is.” Annie said stepping into the classroom. ‘I hope Adrian and Hannah are in my class.’ Annie thought. She sighed in relief as she saw Hannah. Hannah had seen her too and jauntily waved at her. Annie practically ran over there and gasped for breath as she said, “I am so glad to see you! I was hoping either you or Adrian would be in my class.” Hannah laughed and said casually, “Adrian is in this class too. He’s just skipping classes today to y’know chill out.” Annie nodded in understanding. Adrian didn’t seem like the person to do school. She took her seat and as soon as she did Brandon walked into the room spotting her. He ran over her features and smirked. ‘So this is the Annie Crace Neil told us about. Well, this is going to be an interesting beginning to my day. Annie my dear. Let the games begin.’

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