just read em and give me some info and ill fill u in ;)


5. Zayn

It was 6:00 ㏂ when you arrivef at the coffie shop that morning. You wernt very happy at having to work early on a Friday. The shop didnt open untul 7:00㏂ so you cleaned and watched t.v. until then. As the shop opened you got in a few customers. Around 10 or so a handsom boy walked in with a fadora and tatoos on his arm. You saw him look at you so you quickly turned away while blushing. As he approached you. He said, "well beautiful what is your name?" You pointed to your name tag and he looked at it and faved the ground looking embarrased. That made you giggle he then looked up and smiled. "So (Y/N) i am Zayn you may know me from the boy band One Direction. I then looked down and made a face which made him laugh. I knew who he was he looked really familar. "Yeah i know who you are and may i saw you are my favourite." I said with a wink. He laughed. Well heres what i am going to do for you (y/n) i am going to give you my number and hope that you will use it sometime." You took his number and smiled whilest looking into his eyes. He waved to you and then left. At around 3 you decided that you would call him. So that is what you did. Thank god he answered. "Um hey its (y/n) from the coffie shop you said nervously. "Hey ive been waiting for you to call. Anyway i know we only met but i have a question. "Yeah what is it?" You ask confused he chuckled and said, "well love i was wondering if maybe sometime yiu would like to go out sometime you know ti catch a movie or somwthing." You said yes of course. And giggled. You could tell this was going to be the best relationship of your life. (A/N) i hope this one was ok
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