just read em and give me some info and ill fill u in ;)


2. Yes Harry i will

"Harry Styles get back here rigeht now!!" You yelled at the top of your lungs. He only lookes at you and laughs. As he continues running it started to rain making everything a lot slippier. You continue chasing Harry around until you slip landing on your back. He then stops and starts running towards you. "Ohmygoodness (Y/N) are you alright!" He yells. You nodd and just lay there. When he finally reaches you he leans on his knees helping you up. "You know (Y/N) you look beautiul all wet." you blushed looking down. He lifted your chin up qwith his index finger making you look at him directly in the eyes. And BOOM just like that he kissed you for what seemed like forever but only lasted a couple of seconnnds. You look at him in shock blushing madly. "Well Styles that was unexpected." you said letting a smile excape. He nodded and then said " yea and so is this, (Y/N) will you be my girlfriend?" he said looking hopeful. You looked down at the ground and then back at him. "Of course your my Harry." you say leaning in for another kiss. He smiled and took your hand in his and walked in the rain together until you reached his flat.
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