just read em and give me some info and ill fill u in ;)


1. will you go out with me imagines

You and Niall have been best friends for a long time. One day while you were taking a nap, you got a call from him. "Hello Ni." You say sleepily. "Hey (Y/N) did I wake you?" " No I was just bored." You say lieing. "Anyway why'd you call?" You asked. "Oh, uh yeah can I come over? I have something I need to tell you in person." He says nervously. You said yes and soon hung up. You liked Niall a lot and the way he sounded over the phone made you a little nervous. About 10 minutes you heard a knock at your door. "Hey Ni Ni" you say happily. He nodds and sits on the couch asking you to sit. You sit down and out it came. "Okay, (Y/N) I have something to tell you. We have been friends for a while now and I have finally built up the courage to tell you that……" he paused "Niall come on spit it out!" you nearly yell at him. He looked at you and said, " you kno it will be a lot easier if I do this…" and with that he leaned in and kissed you gently and then pulling back and saying, "(Y/N) I love you will you go out with me?" You nearly jump on him kissing him again before saying… " I thought you'd never ask Niall James Horan."
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