just read em and give me some info and ill fill u in ;)


4. Louis

"Louis why do you get up so early?!" You yell at him over the phone. For some reason that boy didnt like sleeping. You waited for an answer. "I am sorry (Y/N) I just need to ask you something really important. Do you understand me? Now please let me come over." You though for a minute and finally said yes. And with that he hung up the phone. About 30 long minutes later you hear a knock at your door. You tiredly get up and let Louis in. By the look on his face he seems nervous. "Well hi there Lou, what'd you want to talk about?" "Well you know we have been friends for a while now right?" You nodd. "Well remember when I said I liked some one that I knew really well.I um well was talking about you." He said blushing looking at the ground. I smiled and giggled a little. Louis stood up and started walking towards the door. "Where do you think your going mr. Tommo i need to do something." He gets a nervous look on his face. That soon changes when he felt your lips kiss his. You smiled as you kissed him which made him laugh. You two pullecd away and he looked you in the eyes. (Y/N) i cant hold it in ant longer …… will you please go out with me. You nodded your head and hugged him tightly. "Now mister its time for you to go to bed." you said pretending to be serious. He smiled and layed down on the couch. Before you went back to bed you covered him up and kissed him sweetly before decending into your bed to catch up on some sleep. What you had been waiting for had finally come
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