just read em and give me some info and ill fill u in ;)


6. Linda and Harry

"Harry wgat the hell did i ever do to you!?!" Linda screamed at Harry. He only chuckled and retorted " Well Linda let me see, you bothered me ok i am stressed out." You only shpok your head. After more fighting you couldnt take it anore so you just walkid out the door slamming it behind you. "I dont get him sometimes." You said to yourself. As you continued you felt your hand being grabbed. It was Harry. "Linda i am so sorry i shouldn't have yelled at you like that please forgive me love." He said with puffy eyes. You looked at him and then the ground. He took his finger and lifted your head. You looked into his beautiful eyes and started crying. He wiped your tears away smiling. "Harry i forgive you" You say sobbing into his chest. He pulles you away and kisses you passionatly apologizing again. You nodded and kissed him again. "Linda , i love you i hppe you know that. Never will that change." He looked seroius again. You smiled and said," Harry i love you too and i hope you know that." You say giggling. He smiled and took his hand in yours and walked you back to his flat. A/N) i hope it was ok i sorta was in a hurry sorry if it is rubbish
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