just read em and give me some info and ill fill u in ;)


3. Liam

I cant believe that just happened to me!?! You scream in your head. You had just walked in on your boyfriend having sex with your best friend. So you immediatly stormed out with tears filling your eyes. As you were walking you ran in to some one and their drink went all over you mmaking you burst out in tears. "Oh I am so sorry love!" you hear a low voice say clearly concerned. You just kept walking on ignoring him."hey wait up i said i wad sorry!" the boy saidd finally catching up to you. You lookef up at him and quickly looked down. He noticed that you had been crying and lifted up your head. "May I help you?" You say taking in a deep breath. "Iam wondering why a beautiful younglady is crying." the boy said. "Oh, I am Liam by the way and you are?" I am (Y/N)." you say calming down a little."May i ask why you were crying?" You nodded and told him feeling releaved you were able ti tell some one who cared. You finally noticed the spill on your shirt anx hr apologized again. You accepted his apology. A couple hours passed by and you guys just talked and got to know one another. As you were getting up to leave Liam pulled you back down. " (Y/N) will you do me the honor and go out to dinner with me this Friday?" You thought for a second and nodded your head. As you turned to i he stopped you again and kissec you gently on the cheek making you blush. When you got home you couldnt wait to see Liam again.
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