Millie wants to be normal she wants a normal boyfriend normal friends normal people's who she belongs with she doesn't want to be around people who take photos and huddle round for money and she doesn't want to see her face on the biggest magazine ever she just wants a normal plain life but trust me she knows that wont happen but she's willing to try


1. Louis

There was a lot of people crowed around my house when I got home I had just got home from collage I didn't think this was nice I tried to crawl in without these photographs noticing me but of course they weren't going to not notice me "look" one of them pointed smiling "hey hey" a voice shouted "Louis" I pushed through the men and burst into my brothers arms I could feel him grin "guys put the camera down she's my sister" he smiled holding me close to his chest "go home" he said smiling down at me "no" one of them huffed and he started snapping away. They started pulling me away from Louis I started to kick them "Millie no violence" Louis shouted over the men. two of them pulled me away by the t-shirt and the other 10 started snapping at Louis. "Let go of me" I shouted kicking the paps "hey" one of them shouted I was really angry now and sort of scared I pushed them away and grabbed Louis by the hand "come on" I said Louis waved bye and I scowled at him as soon as the door was shut I stormed upstairs Louis right behind me "mum dad" I yelled "Millie your home" they ran half way down the hall "we need to talk" I said looking at them seriously I could see Louis making signs behind me. I spun around "come on" I said they all trampled after me soon enough we were sat in the kitchen "what was that" I asked Louis "why the hell where them men there" I was waiting for a explanation. Mum grinned 'your brothers a singer" this was it I really couldn't take this "what" I burst out nearly in tears "what's wrong" Louis tried to get me to sit down I shook my head and ran upstairs "what how could this be I mean Louis has to affect me I hate cameras I hate people pulling me away from my brother and most of all I hate that I just did that"Louis knocked on my door later after endless crying "Millie" he whispered opening my door "homemade cookies" I giggled "you made me cookies" I asked 'um yeah" Louis said "Louis I am so sorry I was so selfish I mean I should have never done that" I looked at him gently and smiled he looked at me and stroked me kneed I know your scared I could tell but the paps are not that bad he looked a little hopefully "Louis I am so sorry" I said looking like I had failed to pass a test "Millie it's fine how about a cookie and a movie" he smiled "okay" I smiled looking at him happily "Millie I love you" he said hugging me into his chest "Louis I love you" I said kissing him on the cheek "brother and sister moment" my mum whispered she had being there the whole time "mum" we both said together I laughed. After the movie I feel asleep on Louis chest mum and dad had gone to bed very early

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