Millie wants to be normal she wants a normal boyfriend normal friends normal people's who she belongs with she doesn't want to be around people who take photos and huddle round for money and she doesn't want to see her face on the biggest magazine ever she just wants a normal plain life but trust me she knows that wont happen but she's willing to try


2. Family meeting

Hi guys sorry Millie's pov was last time forgot to put that in 


Millie's pov 

1 sat bolt up and searched around for Louis who had some how gone I hugged the pillow under me and had all that being a dream. I was blinded by light as my eyes widened there was a boy peering over me "Louis" I said jumping I squinted and then smiled he laughed "mum made breakfast" he said peering at me "pull me up?" I asked looking at him pleading "alright alright" he smiled "one,two and three he yanked my arms I rapped my hands around his shoulder and jumped onto his back. "Brother and sister moment again " my mum hummed Louis laughed and helped me hand out the plates. Dad smiled "where's Charlie" Louis asked "who" I asked a little girl suddenly run down the hall "Charlie" I screamed "she got here this morning" Louis said smiling Charlie was my cousin I kissed her on the cheek firmly  "moo" she whispered I smiled moo was my little girl nickname "chazza" I smiled hugging her tightly. Aunty Dan entered I ran up to her tempted to jump but slowed down I hugged her tightly never wanting to let go . "I invited holly and Natalia  Katie,Megan,Lydia, Kate,Emily,El,Perrie,Zhara,Georgia, fina ,Ava,George,jack,nicks and nana and grandad" mum said a grin spread across my face with Charlie still in my arms her pink dress ticked my legs 


"Millie where this" Charlie cried holding  some black skinny jeans "okay" I smiled looking at her happily "and this" she picked out a blue bagged t-shirt I ushered her out and put the skinny jeans and blue t-shirt on and out on a little bit of makeup and then quickly tied my hair in a messy bun "Chazza" I called a small figure entered the room "wear this" she handed me some grey ugg boots "Ava and Katie are here" mum called I rushed downstairs and from the bottom of the steps I jumped into Katie's arms "hello" she said smiling "Ava" I cried suddenly I looked at Ava's belly she smiled "are you pregnant" I asked looking shocked she held a mans hand "with Jessie" she said looking up at him. "And guess who else is?" Ava smiled "Me" yelled Megan I spun around to see a huge belly "OMG who with?" I asked looking speechless she dragged me through the kitchen to see 'chappy' his name was jake chatman but I called him 'chappy' he hugged me and then scooped Megan up "what's the names" I asked dying to know more " amber and jack" she smiled jake held her tummy and placed his hand smiling as he kissed her softly on the cheek. Soon enough the door shut agin and there was fina standing with Judd "Juddy" I smiled hugging him "princess" he said scooping me up "fina" I said wrapping my arms around her "were skinny Minnie's " she joked "what was that" Ava and Meagn out there hands on there hips jokingly "nothing" fina giggled holding to Judd's hand "were gonna go out with nana and grandad. "Alright" I smiled.

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