In The Land Of Possibilities

In The Land Of Possibilities, who knows what may happen?


1. blah

In a universe like ours,

There was an alien called Bob.

Bob had three toes,

And a growth on his nose.

But don't worry,

It's not contagious.


Bob had a hat,

A top hat it was.

And the hat's name was Fred,

But I doubt you have said,

His name right at all.


Unless you pronounced it,


Then you simply have no clue.

But don't worry, Fred won't sue,

If Bob can help it,

He will find something to distract Fred with.


Now, unless you'd like juice,

Or to stay for Corrie,

You better leave this universe NOW!

If not, creation will implode,

And ta-ta to your home,

And loved ones,

So I guess this is goodbye!


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