shall love be and misunderstandments PROHIBITIONS

Either missing a plane bye two minutes, or not being able to catch a Taxi by minutes, or walking by a light pole and waiting for the walk sign's green light to turn on from the redness by even seconds, life can change. Because they're all meant to be, you may think for the bad and for you to learn a big lesson from it. But, think positive, because everything turns out positive no matter what.
You maybe be missing that plane because in the next available plane, your seat mate turns out to be the mate you can't live without. Being late to a wedding due to unfindable Taxi's from the airport or so, will cause you not have to experience the one moment you have been dreading for months. So you will have no memory of this black hood in you and just that will make you happy. If you were a second early or late to a light pole you may have saved your life or be driven to a accident and arrived to you death.
-You have no gifted power of 'controlling' things, from birth. NO ONE DOES.


5. 4


"Damn. Who would have ever thought?" Mike' n 'Jr said. 

"This little Randy isn't that bad after all." Alex gave a push to Randy. They all laughed.

"Now, tell us Glen, what did you do to that girl?" Mike'n'Jr asked.

"Come on you guys, nothing." Glen said.

"Dude, you guys, this is like so dramatic as in turn of events." Joshua said. Everyone laughed and agreed.

"Right! The only guy who didn't like her was Glen and she ended up liking him? Wow. If that was what it took for her to like me I would have done it along time ago" Alex said. Laughing like an idiot was what the guys did. It's in the nature of boys.

"What do you think about all of this Mason? You've been watching us with those eager and big eyes of yours from the corner of this circle." Tim said.

"Ah hah. I don't know. I'm just taking it all in I guess." Mason said with a fake laugh. But no one knew it was a fake one.

"Yea, go on with your detective mind and figure out this mystery for us, since Mr.Hanswa won't tell us anything." Alex said.  

"So, Glen. What are you planning on doing?" Asked Joshua. 

"I don't know..." Glen said.

"Okay, so the question is do you like her?" Mike' n 'Jr asked.

"Um.. I don't know... maybe??" Glen said. Lily from the other side standing against the wall, one of her legs against it, clapped loudly as she came forward and remembered them that she was there.

"Wow. Great job Glen. You had gave me just a small bit of hope. But now, that's totally gone. All the guys are the same. Why did you even lie at the first place? You thought she was pretty right? Ugh Glen Glen." Lily said disapprovingly. She held up her hand as Glen was about to reply an excuse and she left the group.

"Wait does she like Glen or something?" Alex and Joshua murmered between each other. "Wow. No I say, no. What more dude?" Alex said uncomfortably. Suddenly the circle grew quiet. "Akward silence, Lily would say if she was here " Tim said after a long silence. A pause. Then everyone blurted out laughing.

Everyone sat around the green round table with those benches and holes in it. There were 6 of them' talking about this stupid rumor after school exactly one day after the Randy incident. Well, Mike'n' Jr is really named Mike'n'Jr. He's more like the boss of his group and is known best as an expert in problem solver. He's also the smart one; smart both in school and life issues or teens issues is a better way to describe it. Alex was... I guess you could say the weird one. Sometimes, he can be the most annoying person in the whole world. Joshua is the gay one. It may seem like he has an accent but, the gay life has a totally different language. Tim, toy can't really say much about him. Blonde, about 5and a half feet, he just has a weird inside waiting for to be revealed of his weird life. Randy's short and annoying. He's in 10th grade trying to hang out with the cool kids of the school. Well there's alot of girls in every school that hang out with guys right? Lily sometimes mothered these guys. Yes, mothered because they could be so stupid sometimes. Well, eventually this pack spread after about 30 minutes of their release from their abusehood. Glen and Mason are close friends and maybe you can say best friends. They walked home together after hanging out with the others after school. Mason couldn't bring himslef to ask him. His heart rate was so high and it beat and beat. It feeled like his heart had turned inside out. He was sweating. And the sunny weather only made it worse, leading to a headache. "Glen, why did you lie?" Mason finnaly asked. "What?" Glen said, looking at him in fear now. "Why did you lie to everyone that you didn't have just a bit interest in her?" Mason said with a angry and though voice. But he controlled his temper, for he was told and taught that temper was one thing important and next to pride. And either Mason or Neilsen could afford their secret being revealed. "I really don't know Mason. I don't know..." Glen said quietly with a sight, shaking his head then, looking above; at the clouds. He was scared and he somehow felt blameful. But, Glen trully didnt know why. Maybe he did know the answer but in the mission of searching his brain quickly in the given 2 minutes, he could not find a answer at the moment. At this moment. But, this also doesn't mean that he doesn't know the answer.



Have you ever had to live with someone you don't love?
There's two months in every year that do cruel kindness to us. But, in the end one will be cruel and one will be kind. But, the cruel doesn't choose to be cruel. It BECOMES cruel. Choosing and becoming is not the same thing.

Why Glen? Did he come to unite April and May from the clouds? Glen of the valleys. Which grow In April and never die. But, the valleys that die, that's not Glen.
What about Mason? Is he going to a war with the Clouds? To get in the way of uniting with the months?



May... They have hurt me, again. But, this time they have brought the end. Oh, please May, bring Mason to me. For the last time. Let me bear through this. I just need a chest to hug. His chest, with his smell of everything I would accept. The breath around him. Full of life and colors. Oh, please Mason. Remember and figure out this puzzle waiting just for you. Please remember that day when we read that pride can turn a life upside down, and reserve it.

-she says, as she's running through the forest in helpless circles and her breath could only mumble about Mason. Her last words when she's dying would also be about Mason. Her head filled with so many question of life and death.


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