shall love be and misunderstandments PROHIBITIONS

Either missing a plane bye two minutes, or not being able to catch a Taxi by minutes, or walking by a light pole and waiting for the walk sign's green light to turn on from the redness by even seconds, life can change. Because they're all meant to be, you may think for the bad and for you to learn a big lesson from it. But, think positive, because everything turns out positive no matter what.
You maybe be missing that plane because in the next available plane, your seat mate turns out to be the mate you can't live without. Being late to a wedding due to unfindable Taxi's from the airport or so, will cause you not have to experience the one moment you have been dreading for months. So you will have no memory of this black hood in you and just that will make you happy. If you were a second early or late to a light pole you may have saved your life or be driven to a accident and arrived to you death.
-You have no gifted power of 'controlling' things, from birth. NO ONE DOES.


4. 3


 She didn't understand it. Why Glen out of all the other millions of boys in this world? Why Glen of the valleys? Why not Mason? All these nights, which has been months now, she fell asleep with her sweet dreams that made her smile through the night and wake up with that same smile. Everything she had dreamed of doing with Mason turned out heartbreakingly. She couldn't help it. But, somehow she felt it in her bones and in her blood that she was in his sweet dreams, too.

Back to the present now, Glen speed walked past her. Even though it meant that he would be the first one to be in the guys locker room. (And it's pretty creepy to be there alone.) He was just a few huge steps in front of her. After they walked past the light, greenish, and blue gate to the gym he walked in the right side, where the sun was no longer covered by the shadow of the building in the left, the gym. Everyone knew she walked first to the locker rooms and secondly everyone knew she always walked in the sun. She suddenly became mad and anger grew inside of her. But, she quickly got rid of useless things.

He looked at her from the corner of his eye. She could tell. And in disbelief the whole time she stared at him. Almost as if she was going to watch him with an open mouth, in annoyance of course. She could predict where all of this was leading to, and so can I. He will be the stupid guy chasing her, because he will believe that she's playing 'chase me.' It would never cross her mind to play pretend. Worst of all, it seemed like he's going to chase her to one of her never ending and not wake able nightmares.

 Time passes on. And what breaks her heart the most is that she had imagined all of this to be different. She had imagined Mason chasing her. And it would still be as lovely if he chased her to one of her nightmares. All the things that she thought was destined to happen with him, was just a dream. Have you ever heard of dream thief's? Well, they do exist. And she has never had one in her life, until now. However, she can not bring herself to decide who to blame. Randy spread the rumor, but where did he get the idea? He might have been forced to do that or something! There must be an explanation! And Glen is the annoying one distracting everyone in this mystery. If he would just clear up and leave mer to be! And she thinks: what did I ever do to have this stupid beauty?

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