shall love be and misunderstandments PROHIBITIONS

Either missing a plane bye two minutes, or not being able to catch a Taxi by minutes, or walking by a light pole and waiting for the walk sign's green light to turn on from the redness by even seconds, life can change. Because they're all meant to be, you may think for the bad and for you to learn a big lesson from it. But, think positive, because everything turns out positive no matter what.
You maybe be missing that plane because in the next available plane, your seat mate turns out to be the mate you can't live without. Being late to a wedding due to unfindable Taxi's from the airport or so, will cause you not have to experience the one moment you have been dreading for months. So you will have no memory of this black hood in you and just that will make you happy. If you were a second early or late to a light pole you may have saved your life or be driven to a accident and arrived to you death.
-You have no gifted power of 'controlling' things, from birth. NO ONE DOES.


3. 2



"Hey Niely, you like Glen right?" Randy said. 

Just a normal day like any other day. But April's cruel kindness is back again. She shoved that small Randy out of her way. 

"Oh yes! It's him! You got mad!!!" He went on with his nonsense.

"No Randy I got mad because you called me NielY, and I swear if you call me that one more time -you know. And remember that time (which is like all the time!) I slapped you, punched you, and hurt you so bad when you start all these stupid things? It's the same thing! " I said.

"Oh crap she yelled. Dude, dude let's go tell everyone." Randy told his 'stupid pack'. She rolled her eyes and left.

"Ahhhhh ahhghh NeilY when will you open your eyes from being blind and finally believe me?"  Estiv comes in, watching from a pole.

"Never Mr. Your mom" she said giving him a push.

"Don't you ever wonder why all the girls hate you?" He asks.

"No." she said.

"Well I'm still going to answer that. Because they think you steal all their crushes. So they never have a chance with the one they've loved for centuries. All they guys have some sort of feelings for you. And even if they try to regret it for any reason, they will somehow feel terribly bad. Seriously Niel, you've never looked in the mirror and thought yourself even just a bit pretty?" He said.

"No, because I don't care about beauty. Plus I think girls in our school are gorgeous." she said truthfully.

"But sadly, not as gorgeous as you." He said.

She didn't reply. 

"It's ridiculous. Some girls are really the witch you see in movies. I mean you have no fault, and you are being blamed for everything? Even the most nice ones of the world will end up hating you because their minds will be controlled by the witches to think that you stole their love." He said.

"No it's ridiculous were having this conversation at all." she said.

Then they laugh, walking down the hallway, as the bell rings to disturb their 15 minute break. 

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