shall love be and misunderstandments PROHIBITIONS

Either missing a plane bye two minutes, or not being able to catch a Taxi by minutes, or walking by a light pole and waiting for the walk sign's green light to turn on from the redness by even seconds, life can change. Because they're all meant to be, you may think for the bad and for you to learn a big lesson from it. But, think positive, because everything turns out positive no matter what.
You maybe be missing that plane because in the next available plane, your seat mate turns out to be the mate you can't live without. Being late to a wedding due to unfindable Taxi's from the airport or so, will cause you not have to experience the one moment you have been dreading for months. So you will have no memory of this black hood in you and just that will make you happy. If you were a second early or late to a light pole you may have saved your life or be driven to a accident and arrived to you death.
-You have no gifted power of 'controlling' things, from birth. NO ONE DOES.


2. 1


 She walked down that same old bewitched hallway she hated so much. All the same faces. Third quarter has come to an end once again and fourth quarter has come to a start. And it will be said that the end is just around the corner like it will be said in the future that 10 years ago was just around the past corner. April has once again struck and there's no telling what April or May will do this time. But first, let me tell you a legend. The clouds, for some reason, hate April and May. And the clouds are like her parents. No wonder why her name is named what it is.

Her name is Nielsen Atkinson. She attends Oklahoma City High School as a senior. She will be graduating in no time. And after that... Who knows! So you see, this suspicious girl has no friends. And she's definitely not so desperate of having one so she can chit-chat and spill all the chickens talking inside of her to that person. Not that she has much to talk about. I have found her walking alone most of the times. Both physically and spiritually. A good habit -if it is then. Her head is so crowded like a famous and overpopulated city in Japan. She's reached this far on her own, so she can walk till the end of the ladder alone, right? But the question that she's been searching for an answer all her life is, what's in the end of this lifetime ladder? And you can't just search this on the web or look for an answer in Yahoo or Wiki Answers. They say that in the middle of your life you will need someone, a partner. That's why teachers get you ready with partners in class -by the way, that's a joke, if you don't have self humor. But, she doesn't think that that's true. Well, I may have the answer to all her questions, she is destined to find out. Because I'm old as the first flag of the U.S. sewed and designed by the true and fair fingers of  -what's her name, that picture of the women in the orange dress in your 8th grade textbooks? Well, the flag can turn into dust any second now, just like me. I'm just holding on to life for her.  

She may look depressed and sad but really she's not. It's just her. All her questions and clouded mind. And she gets bullied. Come on it's high school. But... a senior getting bullied, yes that might sound weird. But, I guess she's just used to it. She's those one's that you don't ever realize exist in your classroom and she may be sitting right next to you (for example sitting right next to me). And well... She's quite a nerd. So many numbers in the guts of her bloody brain just wandering off and it almost feels like they're completing the dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex. 

She doesn't know why most guys try to be her friend and flirt with her all the time. And they always ask her who her crush is. And it's been ages for me to sit here on this old storytelling couch, waiting and listening to their guesses. They never find out. When she smiles it is an extraordinary smile and guys love to see it. So many of them crowded her with all there jokes just to see that smile of hers but, but she thought that there was no space for a smile. Because the joke was the smile. Oh, but my child, this clearly proves that you don't know of anything in this world.

I know I mentioned she had no friends earlier but, well she does. His name is Estiv. He looks emo, dresses up all black, and listens to rock. That bird of a ghost scares me to my death bed. Sometimes he freaks me out so much that I wonder if he knows of all this and me? I cringe away from the thoughts. And about his family? Oh uh, too much information for now, dear reader. I'm surprised he doesn't wear makeup but, he sometimes where's black nail polish until his mom gets mad and demands him to erase it. I just hope Nielsen doesn't bring that filthy best friend of hers to this journey. Well, she's walked alone all her life right? But, it gives me shivers to the thought of her gaining a human instinct of getting a partner. It's all just funny. Estiv and Nielsen have known each other since sixth grade and I (or her) believe she can trust him well. And well, even to be Estiv's friend it would be an honor because no one else could try be her friend. Even if she talks to other homo sapiens. Their try is worthless.


Now, my young readers (because I know what old is) get in your best position and settle in to hear the most EXTRA ordinary story of all times. It will end up as a love story and I will not be remembered as much. And if I am remembered, I will be remembered as -you will know by the end. I will also learn a lesson in this old age of mine. Their will be a test. Just like in everyone else's life but, their's will be tougher. So many tests as well as so many misunderstandments. And I will be the prohibition, forbidding this love. But, it's love. And I am the prohibition because I have never been loved. Or have I? I cannot remember? NO, I HAVE NEVER BEEN LOVED. I have a blank and blind past. Also two voices speaking and yelling inside of me like the pit of a peach that make it so hard and complicated to cut it open.   

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